K.Slaughter: Burned and Scorned

Burned and Scorned

When I was younger there was a fire in my bones. I believed that I could go beyond the sky’s limit. I didn’t think anything was impossible. I was sheltered not knowing that everyone didn’t think or feel the same. I was so hopeful, filled with joy, and love. All I ever wanted to do was to give that to people. I wanted people to feel the same way and see the visions I could see. I had people schooling me on many things, but how to protect that which I had inside of me.

I was always told to respect those older than me. Not only those that were older than me, but people period. I was told to mind my manners and be polite. I was told to share and be selfless. I was told to be humble and never cocky. What I was never allowed to do was stand up for myself. Standing up for myself and voicing my honesty equated to disrespect and ungratefulness. I was to be silent and forgive. I was taught to not say anything to avoid conflict or causing trouble. Yet I was troubled.

At a certain age there was so much anger stirred inside of me that would randomly come out. I didn’t know how to properly communicate my feelings due to the fact of not being able to truly express my emotions,  knowing it would offend someone. Offending someone was a no no. So where does this energy go? It eventually comes out in an unintended way.

I hated myself for wanting to be comfortable, and for not going against the grain. I have been slapped in the face, kicked in the stomach, thrown across the room, spanked, yelled at, scorned, etc. when I tried to let it out. I think this is the reason why I allow my daughter to speak her honesty…even if it offends me. I want her to be able to communicate her concerns and feelings without feeling the need to be volatile or hostile. I want her to confidently stand up for herself and actually be heard due to her delivery. I believe in her for creating change for the future. I never want her to feel like she has to allow people to push her around or manipulate her to stay comfortable.

Me on the other hand, I have  a lot of work to do.  I have to continue to work on pushing past my pain. I have to work on retraining my thoughts and beliefs. I have to continue to educate myself and interact with others outside of what I am used to. There were so many people in my teens and twenties that I looked to for guidance and growth who let me down internally. There were some that made a great impact on who I am and who I have become. Even though the bad and traumatic experiences it helped mold me into who I am and who I have become.

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Sew Russia: Homemade Chicken Broth

Who doesn’t love chicken broth! Even better…who doesn’t love chicken broth without all the preservatives? In today’s time we really don’t know what’s in our food. Cooking our food naturally, I will admit can be a bit time consuming, but it’s well worth the wait.

I have been breaking out my crockpot lately. I have cut or grocery cost down by buying whole chickens. Who new that a $6 chicken could make multiple meals and stretch for days during the week. This is real for the busy Mom.

I seasoned my chicken with:

*Himalaya Pink Salt


*Onion Powder

*Garlic Powder


*Italian Dressing (I also put this inside the chicken)

Talk about flavor! I put my chicken in the crockpot with not even a cup of water. Maybe about 1/2 cup so the chicken wouldn’t loose it’s flavor, but enough so that it wasn’t dry. I turned my crockpot on high for 4-5 hour and VOILA! The water turned into broth.


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Sew Russia: The Amazing Test Of Faith

I honestly believe that if I can make it through this I can make it through anything. I have been tested hard since December 2015. It has been a rock and very mysterious road. The funny thing about it all is that people see me on social media and think I have it all figured out. They think I have it altogether. I have been forced to be authentic. I have been forced out of my comfort zone. I have been tested. I have faced things that I never thought I would.

I was fired from my job December 2015. Before that it was really hard to keep a job and even after. Either they were not helping to guide me in growth, or we were just not a great match for each other. Honestly, the type of person I am is not seen as normal in Louisiana. You’re suppose to do as you’re told, not question anything, assume most things are for the best, and hush your mouth before causing controversy. Your suppose to go to school and become a teacher, nurse, work for the state, or work at a plant. I have tried all of those by the way and all have turned me down.

I am not a match for most people and because of it I have been tested heavily. I tried to blend in and be like everyone else. I tried to tone it down. I tried to be who people wanted me to be. I tried to be quite. I tried to stay distant. None of these things worked in my favor either. I was damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. My back was against the wall. I started to question my existence. It seemed that if I spoke up I was wrong, and if I was quite I was wrong. If I was assertive I was wrong and if I was friendly I was gullible and naive. I am neither by the way. Surely I was put here for a reason. Then again…maybe not.

At one point the only thing that kept me alive was the thought of my daughter. How selfish would it be for me to take my life knowing I brought a life here. She didn’t ask to be here. She surely didn’t ask to be motherless. It seemed all of the odds were against me and that I was drowning.

I was suffering financially. I didn’t know what they hell I was doing as far as building a business goes. I had started, but I had no idea how to run it. I didn’t know how to get organized and get a system in place. The insane part about this is that I was a property manager who came into a neglected complex and turned it all around. If I could do that for a company surely I could do that for me. It’s different when you’re spending your own money to build something you don’t yet see; or better yet your spouse doesn’t see.

where I am from, African-Americans having a business means it’s a side hustle. Extremely few have their own full time business and the other portion has a full time job of some sort. Still I push despite the odds. Everyday is a learning curve, and although things have gotten better, there is still much to learn and work on. I believe I was handed this journey for a reason and I most definitely want to find out what is to come of it all despite the challenge.

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Sew Russia: Plan Your Weekly Meals & Save

Have you ever walked into the store with a budget in mind only to come out over on your budget and wondering where your money went?

Honestly I have been through this more times than I can count or remember. Who doesn’t like to save? I do! At the same time if I go into the store without a list I can get a bit wreckless with spending. A $100 budget can easily turn into $200 or more. Sewww…I decide to make two guides that I can use to arm myself while shopping. I do much better when I write things out and use a list. That’s just how I am wired.

I am sure that some of you can relate. No one likes the feeling of guilt after spending much more than you had planned to. In today’s world saving up is essential to survival these days. You just never know what can occur in your life to where you may need some extra cash. I have said to myself that I would rather spend as less as possible on food so that I can spend big elsewhere. I don’t want a bulk of my money going on food (Some foods we don’t even get around to eating anyway).

I thought that it would be really cool to share the guides that I have designed with my audience. I am sure they will help someone out who would like to travel along the same journey.

Below you will find a weekly meal planner guide and a grocery list guide. These tools are helpful for planning your meals for the week and listing the groceries you would need to make them. This will help you control spending and manage your time shopping ( I can spend 1 hour easily in the grocery store).

Download and print this Weekly Meal Planner-PDF 

Download and print this Grocery List-PDF

I enjoyed sharing this post with you.

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Sew Russia: How I Package My Items

Nothing is more satisfying than when my work looks clean. I work extremely hard to produce quality items. Now I’m not going to lie, I have made my share of mistakes. Who hasn’t? There is a learning curve to everything. You don’t just wake up one day and know it all. You learn each day, and one of the main ways we learn is through trial and error.

I spend a lot of nights researching. I would love to say mornings, but  I am honestly more of a night owl than a morning person. At night I get a little more free time when my husband and daughter are sleep (If they go to sleep). For about 1-2 years I have visualized how I would like my products packaged. I knew that I wanted my products in something that I looked professional.

It is very important to make sure that you check your items thoroughly before shipping them off to clients. You want your work to look as clean as possible.

In addition to the product(s) ordered you should package your business card, thank you cards, coupons/gift certificates, and any other communications such as fliers. This lets clients know how they can contact you for future orders. It lets them know you appreciate their business. It lets them in on any important information you want them to know that they may be interested in.

I ordered mine from Vista Print. They have really good deals. Their products are very professional looking. I have not had any issues with ordering from them. Items have arrived on time and in great condition.

I always think steps ahead. I like to plan for the worst or the “unseen”. What if its raining or snowing and the box that is being delivered gets wet or damaged? There should be extra packaging inside to protect your product. I sew and heat press shirts. So what would be great for this? Cello bags! There is one problem with that. The only cello bags that I found locally were only big enough to put cookies and candy in. I needed to find bags that were big enough to fit shirts and clothing in. I knew I would have to search online. I got 10 X 13 inch  self seal poly cello bags from Amazon here. It is one pack containing 100 bags. It’s perfect for what I need, and it gets the job done. I actually started using them immediately and had no issues using them.

I enjoyed sharing this post with you. Connect with me on social media. Like my Facebook Page. Like my Instagram Page.  Watch my YouTube channel. I am also on Twitter and Periscope as @sewrussia. Thank you for reading my blog! Send me any suggestions of anything you would like to see me write about (sewrussia@gmail.com)!

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