Sew Russia: I’m Backkk!

Hey everyone!

How has 2017 treated you? Honestly for me it was s step up from 2016. I didn’t get quite as many goals as I would have liked to accomplished, but I am surprised at the success that I have had. I felt that 2017 for me was the year of awareness. I became aware of so much in my health, career, and home. I feel that I have been awakened.

I haven’t been consistent in my social media because I have been trying to figure out the direction I would like to go. I have been running across all of his advice on the internet telling me to pick one things and stick to it. Well that doesn’t work for me. I am creative in every since, and although I would like to showcase my sewing I have so much more to share.

I decided to convert my blog into a lifestyle blog. Doing this will allow me to hit every creative and personal nail that I would like to share. Some days I will showcase my sewing, some days I may want to teach something, some days I may want to show a product I purchased, and some days I may want to share a sneak peak into my family life.

As we all know, there is no one side to life. Life is composed of so many things & you’ll never know what the day may bring. I am a very random person at heart. I love living in the moment and cherishing every moment. That’s just how I am.

So with that being said I will be sharing with you weekly here on my Blog and on my Vlog. I look forward to taking to along my journey!


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Sew Russia: My Blog: Life Is What You Make It

Can I admit I have been having some consistency issues with my blog? I always wrote for fun as a child. It’s was almost effortless to write growing up. Maybe that was due to the fact that there was no such thing as social media to distract you and blogging was actually called writing in your journal. I felt that I could myself 100% when I wrote in my journal. You didn’t have the world looking at you with judgement and you could say whatever you wanted to say.

The name of my blog is called “Life Is What You Make It”. I always loved that phrase and I believe it. I believe that each one of our lives is what we make of it. Our lives matter and are so precious. Every moment spent on Earth is very vital and dear. Deeper than that, I wanted to come out of my room a bit. When I was younger when I would craft no one was allowed in my room while I was doing so. This helped me to create freely and focus. I can also admit it shielded me from the judgement and objections of others.

I want to share my journey the good, the bad, and the ugly. I am not perfect and will never claim to be, but I am growing. At some points in my life I wish I had an example, something to read, or someone to talk to to help me get through things. Most of my experiences had to be learned on my own. I have always been an open book and don’t mind (at this point) letting people in from time to time to help them heal, get answers, and to become inspired.

Life Is What You Make It

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My Movie Role|Meeting Ethan Hawke|Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Sewww…I will be the first to tell you that having faith is not easy. Especially when it feels as if your entire world has been flipped upside down. I said that when I first started this journey, it felt like God just threw me in the wilderness, told me to survive, and then left. It can feel that way. It can get rough. Sometimes you can’t see the actual progress you are making. Sometimes all we can see is the pain we are going through.

Pain has a way of giving the illusion that there I is no progress. Pain gives us the illusion that what we actually did was wrong, or that we made the wrong decision. What we don’t stop to actually think about is in order for progress and success to happen, there will be pain. Pain brings about beautiful things. For example, a woman gives birth…it’s painful but afterwards you get to raise this beautiful being. After you have went through the pain you reap the rewards.

What I was going to do at first was post this to my social media captioned “My first paycheck for being in a movie…note I said my FIRST! I believe there will be more to come. Yet. Something would not allow me to post. The Devine Spirit told me that if you’re going to post that, your going to tell the whole story…the real story. This is not for your own attention, but to activate encouragement and faith in, someone else. This is to show my work and your obedience.
You ready? I have a testimony of faith. I really and truly hate exposing myself because you never know what happens next, but I have been challenging myself to be obedient and activate my courage.

Here is the story:

So, I decided to take my LinkedIn account more seriously. One day while scrolling I saw an advertisement calling for extras to be in a movie. I thought this was a neat opportunity. I filled out the application to be an extra. I thought that many people were applying too so they wouldn’t contact me. I was wrong. I did get an email! The email gave details of what I need to wear and where I needed to be. I thought that my afro would be an issue. Which I was also wrong about when I sent them a photo of myself. My afro was actually perfect. I knew it wasn’t a paid, but I was excited. I would get to meet a celebrity and at least it was an opportunity to do something I only dreamed about doing.

I will be honest. That morning I started having doubts and getting nervous. I was a substitute teacher and I said to myself, “I should go in and get paid instead of wasting an entire day and not get paid.” I decided to ignore my negative thoughts and actually see what would happen if I went against my negative thoughts. The only one who had been keeping me from living in my calling was me. I knew that.

So, I arrived on set. I had a black shirt on with jeans. I had brought a backpack with other clothes in it just in case what I had on wouldn’t do for the role. I had a black shirt on. Something within me told me to change my shirt. Black is for people who don’t want to be seen. I had a floral top that I had sewen. I changed in my car into that top.

I walked into the holding spot. I asked questions to all that were work as to what I needed to do. There were A LOT of people in this place mind you. People both young and old were in this place.I kept receiving compliments on my top, by the people who were working on the movie. I even went over to the stylist and asked her how she got started. I was interested in the fashion aspect of things.

After a few placements of everyone and instructions on what we all need to do, their team they asked me if I wanted a part in the movie. Ummm…hell yeah! Like who is going to turn that down. It wasn’t a speaking role, but I would be a waitress. They changed me into boots and another top. Everyone else waiting in holding, but I actually go to go where they were shooting the movie. I saw how the scenes were being filmed. I enjoyed great snacks and drinks. Can you imagine Ethan Hawke walking in front of you. Yes! I was in the same space as Ethan Hawke. Really nice guy by the way.

I did my part. I got to meet and network with other people who were extras regularly. It was really cold at times, but overall…I enjoyed myself. Also, I found out at the end that I was getting paid for my time. The pay was actually more than what I would have gotten if I  had went in to sub that day. I got an autograph and to briefly talk to Ethan Hawke, who told me my name was cool, by the way! lol I will never forget this day. I am glad in every way I took a leap of faith and that I listened to my instincts.


Here are some pictures from that day below:

My Thoughts On The Orignal Black Panther Party

I watched the Black Panthers Documentary on Netflix this week. So many thoughts ran through my head about this short film. I don’t even know where to begin. As an African-American dark skin woman, I can say that there definitely are injustices and discrimination that still go on today. It’s just crazy to me. I do agree with people having the right to protect themselves from harmful environments. Not everyone has good intentions, and even good intentions don’t always come out in a good way.

I think it was very sad to see how people were being treated openly. It was sad to see one set of people trying to keep the other at ground level to satisfy their ego and well being. So they felt they had to do things that way.

However, on the upside, I think that the programs that they created were phenomenal and inspiring. It inspired me to want to be more proactive. It was beautiful seeing a community come together in fellowship. It was inspiring to see people getting along for the greater good. It was great to see the poor and unfortunate being helped against a system that was designed to destroy them. It was great to see confidence and an uprising despite the challenges that they had faced. Still today there are poor and unfortunate people that need help. It seems that in today’s society people are least like to care than they once were.

I think what everyone in this world is meant to be free. People want to be valued. People want to live a good life. People want to be respected and treated fairly. People want to be able to eat. People want to be able to raise their children in a world that is mostly good. Most people want the best and some people feel they have to step on and oppress others to get it.

This may be true, I have learned in my adult life that equality and fairness cannot be applied to every situation. How you want to be treated and what another person will allow maybe two total opposites. However, boundaries must be set and a system should be created that is in favor of all not just those who came, saw, and, conquered. I think that the Black Panthers documentary, although it did have its downsides, was a brilliant explanation of what the organization was and what it originally stood for.

The organization wanted to end street bullying (Basically). The organization wanted to help the community’s and their children. There were great motives behind forming this organization. They were fearless, courageous, and they did not have to do what they did. They wanted a better environment and world just like anyone else.

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Sew Russia: My Journey With PCOS

Hey everyone? How is your week going? I hope everything is well with you and that you are having a great week!

Self care…

Self care is sewww important. Most of the time we as women often neglect ourselves for the other demanding responsibilities around us. We get to a point where we are on the back burner. Our husband/significant other, our, chukdren, our jobs get every once of attention and energy that we have.

We have to stop that. We do more harm than we do good by neglecting ourselves. Neglecting ourselves opens doors for many other obtacles to come into our lives such as health issues.

I recently found out that I have PCOS. I had been feeling really weird for over m and never stopped to check on myself. I thought it would go away…whatever it was and that I had more important things that needed my attention.

Welph! March 15, 2015 I was admitted into the hospital for severe anemia. What I didn’t mention was…I had some continus bleeding going on. Continus meaning three months straight. 

After being released from the hospital, I a year laser that I would be going back and forth to the doctors and being precribes medicines that were not resolving the issue. It wouldn’t be until August 30, 2016 that I actually got a diagnose.

I immediately was put on a no carb high protein diet. I aggressively took action. I changed my eating habits and started exercising. I wanted to be better and I wanted to do better. My family means the world to me and I don’t want this issue to get worst than what it was.

I am still learning about PCOS. I don’t know if it is something you can avoid, but it has definitely changed me. It changed the way I look at things. It changed the way I take care of myself. 

Everyone should make an effort to look good and feel better. When you know better you do better.

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Sew Russia: Why Is It Important To Be Optimistic?

Why is it important to be optimistic? 

Good question!

No one wants to be around a negative Nancy 24/7. I am just being honest.

Choosing to be optimistic is beneficial to your health. Circumstances constantly change, but your attitude and outlook determine your success. In order to see the light you have to be the light. You are how you act and how you react. 

If you want a positive life You have to learn the habit of having positive thoughts and doing positive things.

I know…I know…this is easily said than done. What’s that saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Takae this journey a day at a time and I promise you will start to see changes. Your feelings will began to match your words and thoughts. You will begin to feel good.

What are some ways in which you can be optimistic?

1.Think of positive memories

  • It can be so easy to dwell on the past. Most of the time when we dwell on the past we are thinking negatively. We think of things we could have changed and things we should have said. How about we take those experiences and start using them to empower us.

    2. Get Out, Talk to Others, and Be Active

    • Sometimes being alone is a good thing and at others it is not. Being with yourself for too long can cause you to generate negative thoughts. In some cases of thinking we tend to exaggerated reality or expect things that won’t truly happen. The only way to cure this is to remain in communication with others and get out of your “quite place”. Join a group of like minded individuals or people who have similar interests. Talk a walk, a swim, or read a book that’s full of information to learn.

    3. Find a Craft

    • Find something that you actually enjoy doing. This can help take your mind off of a lot. In most cases it can help you burn that negative energy.  Learn to sew, learn to play an instrument, learn woodworking, go workout, or join a class and learn something new. There are endless opportunities.

    To build positive habits we must learn to repeat out actions and put words over and over. This is not an overnight process. Don’t expect yourself to get with the program within a week. Its going to take some practice and self evaluation, just like anything else.

    The important thing is you start now. You will thank yourself years from now. To have a good life we must plant good seeds.

    Sew Russia: Depression, Anxiety, and Stress…How To Become a Ninja & Kick All Of Their Asses (Testimonial Included).


    Hello! Welcome! I hope everyone is having a great day/week so far!

    We all experience depression, anxiety, and/or stress at one time in our lives or another. The sad truth is many of us don’t even know we have it, and we don’t seek to deal with it. Also, the people around us tell us that we have nothing to worry about, it’s all, in our head, don’t think like that, etc.


    In order to deal with and conquer the beast you must first understand it and know it’s nature. If you don’t know who/what it is and what it does…you will never be able to conquer it. You must first study before taking the test or becoming great at any thing. The teacher at one point was the student.

    With that being said…let’s get into the definition and signs of each below.

    Depression – A mood disorder causing a persistent feeling of sadness and loss of interest.

    The persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that characterizes major depression can lead to a range of emotional and physical conditions. These include inability to sleep or concentrate on tasks. Changes in appetite, decreased energy level, and thoughts of suicide are also seen.

    Anxiety– A mental health disorder characterized by feelings of worry, anxiety, or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities

    Symptoms include stress that’s out of proportion to the impact of the event, inability to set aside a worry, and restlessness.

    Stress– a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

    Becoming easily agitated, frustrated, and moody, Feeling overwhelmed, like you are losing control or need to take controlHaving difficulty relaxing and quieting your mindFeeling bad about yourself (low self-esteem), lonely, worthless, and depressed, Avoiding others


    Taking medication for depression, anxiety, and Stress WILL NOT make your problems go away. It is like a bandaid. It will cover the wound, but it does not heal it. WOUNDS HEAL WENT YOU TAKE ACTION TO NURSE IT and/or THEY HEAL ON THEIR OWN.

    We have to learn to fight when it’s necessary and let go when we have to.

    A thought ran across my mind. My sister said to me not too long ago, “A couple of month’s to a year ago my sister looked like she was dying. Now you look more alive than you have every been. Please don’t let anything stop you from doing what you are doing!”

    Wow! Those words were more powerful than she will ever know.

    What was I doing around a month ago?

    I was working  jobs that:

    1.Would not give me a raise or promotion and demoted me.

    2. Demanded so much of me even off the clock.

    3. Micromanaged me and believed every word a customer said no matter what, and grilled me for it whether I was right or wrong.

    4. Did not see my value and just needed to fill a position

    5. Would send other employees on the same level as me to monitor me, and report back to them what I was doing.

    6. Did not hear me when I said I was not feeling well.

    7.  Constantly blamed me for things that were never my fault to begin with…but needed someone to blame to take heat off of them.

    In addition to that, I had internal bleeding that no doctor could explain. I truly was dying, and I did not know how to make it stop. My family was afraid and worried. My husband, daughter, and mother in tears. It was scary. I found myself in tears everyday.

    Then one day…the creator told me to quit. That same day the thought came to mind, I replied back…NO! I will not cause my family to be set back. We were finally getting back on the right track financially and we were trying to buy a house.

    To make a long story short. I was fired that same day, after the creator told me to quit that morning and I said no. The bleeding stopped two weeks after I was fired and we bought a house three months later.  Now tell me the creator is not awesome!

    No matter where you are in life there is always hope. Everyone can make it in their own way. The creator always provides an opportunity for you to step up, or step out whether we see it or not. Whether we think it’s worth the risk…you will be pushed into your destiny anyway.

    So with that being said. Lets look at some ways to conquer these three things!

    1. Evaluate Your Surroundings.

    Surroundings are very important. Our surroundings consist of the people we keep contact with/connect with and the places that we dwell. Our surroundings can make or break us. Our surroundings will determine our success or failure. Surroundings affect how we think, act, speak. You cannot surround yourself with negative people and dangerous environments and expect to get anything positive out of the situation.

    I know, in the case of family and close friends this can be difficult. You have grown up around these people and you love them. I am hear to tell you. Being around someone constantly does not determine the altitude of your love for them. Love yourself and surround yourself with the people and things that align with your journey and goals. This includes work environments as well.

    2.Speak Words & Phrases of Affirmation To Yourself & Others

    How you speak about yourself will determine how you treat others. You cannot treat people with love and respect of you do not treat yourself to It first. Some examples include:

    1. I am great.
    2. I can do this./ I can do anything.
    3. I am going to do great.

    Just to name a few phrases.

    Click Here To View A List Of Phrases Of Affirmation

    3. Find An Outlet

    Everyone has bad and stressful days. We have to find something to help us release our frustrations. When we allow our frustrations remain dormant they build up over time. Often we don’t even know what’s wrong with us, but we have allowed certain things to go on without dealing with them. The worst thing you could do is NOT DEAL with your situation. The truth is…eventually you will have to.

    Maybe talking it out, painting, singing, sewing/crafting will help bring you peace. Find something that helps you deal with and forgive your situations.

    4. Say No

    It is completely OK to say no. The truth is majority will get upset with you when you say no and/or do spiteful things because you did. However, your well being is important too. Learn to say no and not feel sorry for doing so.

    5. Speak Up For Yourself

    A lot of the time we don’t say what we want to say or what we mean to say. Voicing your view in the most civil manner will do you more good than anything. Of course it comes with opposition most of the time. Living in your truth will help attract the life  you want to live and the type of people you what in your life.

    6. Walk Away From Situations & People That Devalue You

    You must value and respect yourself if you want others to do so. Sad truth is Some people will not see your value even when you shine. Guess what…that’s OK. Move on from them. You will never grow in an environment where you are not appreciated. You will never grow in an environment that will not allow you to utilize your gifts. Move on. Move away from those situations and the people who contribute to it. You have every right to be where you want to be!

    7. Pray More & Pray With Your Actions

    We have all heard that there is power in prayer. There is also power in action. Make sure that each day you are writing down goals and accomplishing them. You will find yourself feeling even more confident the more you accomplish your goals.

    I hope this was helpful to someone. If not acknowledged, and dealt with depression, anxiety, and stress can spiral into chaotic situations in our lives; as well as our health. If we love, and take care of ourselves first, we won’t accept anything less.

    Have a great weekend!

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    Sew Russia:✂Allow Me To Introduce Myself-10 Facts About Me✂

    Hey! Hi! Hello!


    I know that I just jumped straight to the point right? I started writing blogs before I even introduced myself to you all. Sorry. My bad!

    My blog is all about me getting to know you, you getting to know me, and sharing information! Yayyy!!!!

    Ok…about me…
    My name is KoRussia Slaughter formerly KoRussia McCaleb (My maiden name…I really miss it *insert tears here*).  I was raised in Baton Rouge (Red Stick), Louisiana and currently reside here with my husband and daughter.

    1.I love to write!

    I have been writing since I was about 5 years old. I would right short stories, and short stories turned into poems. I never really like writing page upon page of things. I do plan to jump out of my comfort zone in the future with that.

    2.I love to craft!

    I have always been crafty. I would create journals and drawings when I was little. I loved origami. I learned basic origami from former classmates.

    I am a seamstress and jewelry designer.  I also like to create other things, but these two are my main focus. I love what I do. I love giving people unique pieces. I believe everyone is an individual, and every individual brings something to the world that is valuable.I have been making jewelry and other crafty things professionally for about 4 years.

    3.I love positivity!
    I am very positive although I am passionate about a lot of topics that you may read in the future, but please know my thoughts come from a good place.

    4.I love deep conversations and believe everything has meaning.

    It is absolutely impossible for me to not think. In am always thinking of something. The only time my brain gets a break is when I am asleep. Even then, sometimes I dream about the future. I love having conversations about topics that mean something and hearing different point of views. I believe believe that everyone brings something to a topic. It is impossible to always have one answer/solution for every problem.

    5. I love to dance!
    I am a great dancer. You can catch me on the middle of the isle dancing to a catchy song playing over the intercom of a store. My daughter hates that by the way!

    6. Any fears?
    My biggest fear is leaving the Earth and had not made any use of my gifts and potential. I think everyone fears that, but only a few are willing to step out.

    7. I LOVE soul food!
    I am from Lousiana. We have like the best food in the world! I love red beans and rice. I can eat that everyday and never get tired. I am allergic to shellfish (crawfish, shrimp, crab, lobster,etc.). That really sucks because everyone in Louisiana are very big on crawfish. However, I love fried catfish. I love fish period. It’s my favorite meat. I always order salmon when I go out to eat.

    8.Favorite music?
    I am a mixture. I love upbeat music as well as slow pace music. I love pop music.

    9. Favorite pastimes besides crafting?

    I love to sit in silence. As crazy as that sounds, it allows you to think and gather your next steps. I love to do soothing things like sit at the levee and let the sun beam down on me. I love solitude.

    10.Some of my favorite people in the world?

    Some of my favorite people in the world are those that are not fortunate or spoon feed and still make a way to live their dreams, whatever they maybe. No one and nothing is stronger and more brave than that person!

    Welph! That’s enough about me…tell me a little about you. Also, do not hesitate to ask me any questions. I look forward to connecting with ya’ll!

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    What Is Forgiveness????? How Do We Forgive????


    Forgiveness can be one of the hardest and most complex topics. When offended people often hold in frustrations. They recite and relive previous situations over and over in their heads. They harbor anger that often comes out at the wrong time. They think about what they could have said and should have done. They relive the past so much that it becomes apart of them and their whole attitude.

    How do you overcome a deep hurt? How do you overcome rejection? How do you overcome resentment? How do you overcome and forgive? Lets be realistic. Its is hard. Things are easier said then done. When someone has rubbed you the wrong way, your body and mind goes into defense. You want to retaliate and you want to win. You don’t want to feel ashamed, rejected, or betrayed. You want to win and you want it to feel good. Is winning everything? Do you really win when you stoop to someone else’s level? Do you win when you seek and get revenge? Will it really make you feel good after its all said and done?

    Forgiveness happens when you no longer have hard feelings towards the person that offended you. Forgiveness happens when you don’t think about what happened to you all day everyday. Forgiveness happens when you don’t make what happened to you a priority. You focus on living the best life possible and achieving your goals.

    I don’t believe you have to reconnect to forgive. I think that is a personal choice. I don’t believe you have to hang you with that person to forgive. In some cases you will even have to forgive people who are not sorry. You will have to forgive people that do not feel they did anything wrong. You will have to forgive people who would definitely do it again. It can be hard. It can be challenging. It can take making some very hard decisions.

    I believe in distance. There is no rule book stating that you have to keep taking mistreatment over and over. There is nothing stated that you have to sacrifice your health and well being to please someone who mistreats you; by being in their presence.

    We have to find peace. I believe that the soul seeks it all the time whether we are aware of it or not.  We have to come to peace with our past and the things that have happened to us. there is nothing that you can do to change the past, but  you can make a better future.


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    Frustrations of a Visionary


    It can be quite frustrating when you are the only one that can see your vision. You believe wholeheartedly in your dream. With the right people, time, and, place…it could actually come true. You already believe, but you have to get others to believe too.  How hard can that be? VERY! Why, because everyone has a dream right? What makes your dreams so important that they should come true over everyone else’s? Why should you see your plans and aspirations come to life over everyone else’s?

    The truth of the matter is that work ethic separates us all. Knowledge, by how an where we apply it separates us. Willingness separates us all. You have to be willing to do things when you are tired, and when you don’t feel like it. You have to be willing to fit things in even when they can’t. You have to make time and manage time.

    Everyone has their own destiny. Everyone has their own will power. Each individual is tailored differently. Some want to work a 9-5, and some just won’t fit in that 9-5 category because it does not fit who they are. It does not mean that either person is more important than the other. Each side has its own challenges and frustrations.

    Working 9-5 means that you will have to follow someones instructions. Take breaks when they allow, and however long they allow it. You receive a cut off amount of pay at your pay rate, with or without benefits. Your ideas may often get passed up because it may not fit, or may be a threat. You will have the ease of not having to worry about the company’s daily survival though. You can always go find another job if the company goes out of business. You only play your role and do the functions of your job. You don’t have to do anything major outside of that. You get to go home and have certain off days to be with your family and friends.

    Being and entrepreneur means many late nights and early mornings,because the survival of your company depends on you thinking about each move every step of the day. It means you may not have he luxury of having many off days. You may have to work full-time until your business gets of the ground. You will sacrifices time  with family, friends, and self. You have to keep moving even when those around you do not understand what you do, and may possibly give you a hard time. You have to be consistent and not miss a beat in order to profit. You have to gain customers that believe in your products and services. You have to separate yourself from those out there that are already established and doing it.

    You have to decide whats worth it in this lifetime. There may not be a second chance. When you have a vision it is hard. Life happens to all of us. It can be very difficult to be optimistic when you have been dragged through hell. It can be hard to stay positive all the time in a world full of actors and actresses. It can be hard to keep pushing when you don’t see it and when people make it hard to go through. Your vision is for you. Whether you choose to share it or not. You have to determine if its well worth going through everything.


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