About Me

About Me

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog. I am sewww excited to share my journey with you. My name is KoRussia Slaughter. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where I currently reside. I am a writer, seamstress, dancer, and all around creative. I love to create things. I have created both formal and casual attire, which I will share here on my blog with you. I have been dancing since I was 5 years old, and I occasionally make dance videos to share. Writing has seemed to be a passion of mine that has stuck with me throughout all phases of my life. I can’t help it. It is always necessary for me to have a pen and piece of paper nearby, because my mind can over flood with ideas most of the time. Which is why I started my blog. I have so much to share, and I love building real genuine connections. When I created my blog, I believed that it would give me the opportunity to do both.

Personal Life

I am a wife, and a mother of one amazing daughter. We also have a dog named LaLa who is very shy. I grew up very different than most children. My idea of “play time” was not going outside to play; it was practicing being creative inside. I come from a line of creative people, both on my Mom and Dad’s side of the family. On my dad’s side they are a family of carpenters. On my Mom’s side they are a family of sketch artist, hairstylist, chefs, bakers, and seamstresses. Needless to say I dabble in all of these traits from time to time. I not only like to be creative, but I like to motivate others to better themselves. I like encouraging people to be their best. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing others grow and have joy. I love being apart of those special moments.


I have always been very ambitious and quite the go getter. I have worked since I was 14 years old. I went to an amusement park where a friend of mine was working and filled out an application to work at 14 years old! My Mother thought that was too young to start working. So the next time I worked was 17 years old at a fast food restaurant. I chose to work the morning shift because I was interested in seeing how a business operated. I wanted to watch and learn from the general manager and other managers. After that job, I would work several different jobs from retail, to customer service in the mall, to a call center, to payday loan services, to hotel services, to property management, to banking, and education. Soooo yeah, I have been in diverse settings. I have served and worked with people from all walks of life. I have many great stories and lessons to share. I can adapt to change. I love learning & growing.

I spent most of my career working in property management until I got diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). It is a hormonal disease related to diabetes. It is a beast in it own right. However, finding out this thing allowed me to be more aware of taking care of my body. It made me more mindful of what I put inside and on my body. It pushed me into education which was a bit like hitting the breaks hard compared to property management, which is a more fast pace field. I love the connections that I build with students and seeing them become better people. It definitely makes my day when they share with me that they used what I told them, and it worked for them. I am looking to do the same with this blog.

Blog Goal/Mission

The purpose of my blog is to share information with my readers that will enlighten and inspire them. I do many different things, and I come from a diverse background. For me to stick to one subject would be selfish when I have so much more to offer. I hope that you are inspired to create a life that you love and enjoy. I would like to connect with my readers and build life long relationships. A village is not a village without the people. People make the world go round. People make the world a better place. With the right tribe there is no limit to the great vibes.

I am glad you are considering taking is journey with me. Subscribe to my blog to stay updated!