Sew Russia: I’m Backkk!

Hey everyone!

How has 2017 treated you? Honestly for me it was s step up from 2016. I didn’t get quite as many goals as I would have liked to accomplished, but I am surprised at the success that I have had. I felt that 2017 for me was the year of awareness. I became aware of so much in my health, career, and home. I feel that I have been awakened.

I haven’t been consistent in my social media because I have been trying to figure out the direction I would like to go. I have been running across all of his advice on the internet telling me to pick one things and stick to it. Well that doesn’t work for me. I am creative in every since, and although I would like to showcase my sewing I have so much more to share.

I decided to convert my blog into a lifestyle blog. Doing this will allow me to hit every creative and personal nail that I would like to share. Some days I will showcase my sewing, some days I may want to teach something, some days I may want to show a product I purchased, and some days I may want to share a sneak peak into my family life.

As we all know, there is no one side to life. Life is composed of so many things & you’ll never know what the day may bring. I am a very random person at heart. I love living in the moment and cherishing every moment. That’s just how I am.

So with that being said I will be sharing with you weekly here on my Blog and on my Vlog. I look forward to taking to along my journey!


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