Don’t Ask Me When Am I Going To Have Children or When Am I Going to Have More Children

People may think nothing of these two questions. Some people may actually mean no harm in asking these questions. However, these two questions are rude and show a lack of consideration. You may not mean anything by it, or you may actually just want to be nosey. In a world full of people trying to have children, and people that are struggling with infertility, don’t be surprised if the reply you get is harsh. 

It is honestly no one’s business as to when a couple will conceive. That is not only a personal matter, but a very touchy subject. You never know who you are talking to. Maybe the couple had been trying to conceive, but are struggling with infertitlity. Infertility is being talked and out more than ever these days. I love the fact that women are opening up to each other about this so that don’t feel alone. However, the person who is going through this issue should be able to open up to  whomever they want, whenever they want to. People should not be forced into a conversation (Unless it’s life threatening or life changing.) in such an uncomfortable manner.


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