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If you are an entrepreneur you know that building a business can be tough. The beginning stages are always hard. I say its the test to see how bad you truly want your dream. It separates the dreamers from the doers. If you’re like me you can find yourself trying to keep up with many things to build your brand. Not only are you the creative person, your the writer, editor, marketing team, advertisement team, and photographer. 

First impressions are everything. It can truly make or break your sales. People love professioanlism. When you use online to market and advertise you need to make sure your pictures are appealing. People cannot see what you have to offer in person, so you need to create an experience that feels as if they are in person. Your branding will be the experience they will remember your brand by. Male or good. 

If you are starting out you may not have money for lights and a fancy camera. That’s prlerfectly fine. Everyone has to start somewhere. Here are some tips for creating professional photos:

1. Use Your Smart Phone

In this day and time everyone has a smart phone. Make sure that your phone has the highest quality possible. You don’t want to take blurry and/or unclear photos.You want your clients to see your pictures as if they we’re in person. Rememebr PEOPLE LOVE PROFESSIONALISM.

2. Use Natural Sun Light

Not only is it free, but in most cases you may not need a filter. Try shooting early in the morning, or at a time when the Sun is shining bright. Sun light is perfect. With the sun shining bright you will be able to get clear pictures that clients can see.

3.Get Multiple Angles

Think front, back, side to side, up and down when shooting photos. You want your client to seen your ENTIRE product from every angle possible. Remember…create an experience.

4. Use Filters

Search for photo editing apps to help You get the look that speaks to your brand. I have used the app called “Photo Editor Pro”. You can also use Instagram. I like to post  and delete my photos.Your pictures save on your phone.

5.Use A Professional Looking Background

You don’t want your background to be busy. Your background should be clear unless your decor compliments your product. You can achieve this by using poster board. You can use a clean wooden floor. You can use a clear wall. You can even get creative and use accents from the great out doors.

You need to make sure your pictures are something that would appealingntomyour eyes. If it doesn’t look professional to you DO NOT POST IT!!! People will be turned off from your brand.  

Please see some of the pictures below that I have taken using natural sunlight.

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