Flashback: My Autobiography Paper From College

It’s always fun to look into the past a bit, especially when you’re a writer. Seeing the perspective you use to have vs. the one you have now. I ran into am autobiography I had to write in college. It’s not perfect, and honestly, I don’t know how I got an A, but instead of focusing on what it could have been I focused on what it was. In my own opinion, I think I had beautiful mind and was very ambitious. I was a leader that just need shaping and molding. Although some of the things I wrote down didn’t happen, I am still proud of myself and eager to see if I can still make most if not all of them happen.

Want to read it? Here it goes!

Looking into my eyes, you can see my heart and soul. Here lies strength, determination, and passion. I’ve never given up on a goal, and I don’t plan to starting. Once I have accomplished one goal, I feel that it’s time to start on the next one. In this autobiography, I not only want you to read who I am; I want you to feel who I am.

Since I was a little girl my dream has always been to be successful. When I saw something I wanted. or knew what I wanted; nothing would ever stand in the way of my achieving what I sought out to get. Since I was five years old, my desire was to be an entertainer. I could sing and dance very well. I had all of the characteristics of a true performer.  Plus I also had a nice face to look at, so why not pursue it? Behind closed doors I would sing and dance in my room as if it was practice for the day I would get my opportunity to shine. Soon the day of opportunity did come. By the age of sixteen I had become lead singer for my church choir. By seventeen I had won a talent show, show cased at one of my high school pep-rallies, and had formed my own dance group. My dream has just begun to start.

In high school I always was lively and sociable. I got along with everybody. For me it was not hard to get to know somebody. I was on the cheer-leading squad my eleventh grade year, and loved it! I got the opportunity to get to know the girls on my squad and meet girls from other squads. My twelfth grade year came around, and I would have been dance captain for the squad, but I had a job that wouldn’t allow time for that. The same went for when I had made the all-star band’s dance team. I worked at Sonic Drive-In that year. On May 16. 2006, I walked across the stage to receive my high school diploma. It felt good receiving something that I worked hard for. On August 25, 2006, I moved into my dorm room on Heidelberg campus. I had accomplished one of my many goals. I got into college.

I’m from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so moving to Ohio was a very big change for me. Ohio was something new and different. I got accepted into four colleges in Ohio. Out of the four I leaned towards Heidelberg the most, for financial aid reasons. My Mom saw that northern exposure would benefit me the most and forced me to move. The goal was to expose me to other cultures and ways of life that differed from my own.

I am majoring in communications (Journalism) with a minor in Psychology. I felt that Psychology would compliment my Communications degree. Psychology allows you to understand the though process of others. Communications is a no brainer. I am a writer. Writing is something I do naturally.

Once I have completed my undergraduate degree, I don’t plan on stopping there. I plan to get my Master’s and Ph.D. While reaching for those goals I plan on jumping into the field of communications. I would love to be a columnist. I would also like to be a radio DJ. I would also like to teach choreography on the side.

When I choose to settle down and have a family, I would like to become a freelance writer. I want to do freelance writing because I want to be able to be there for my husband and children. Also, during that time I would like to write books. I would also like to develop my own dance studio. I am a writer, thinker, singer, poet, goal setter, and dancer. These are the things that make me, KoRussia McCaleb, who I am. I am glad I can share with you.

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