My Movie Role|Meeting Ethan Hawke|Walk By Faith Not By Sight

Sewww…I will be the first to tell you that having faith is not easy. Especially when it feels as if your entire world has been flipped upside down. I said that when I first started this journey, it felt like God just threw me in the wilderness, told me to survive, and then left. It can feel that way. It can get rough. Sometimes you can’t see the actual progress you are making. Sometimes all we can see is the pain we are going through.

Pain has a way of giving the illusion that there I is no progress. Pain gives us the illusion that what we actually did was wrong, or that we made the wrong decision. What we don’t stop to actually think about is in order for progress and success to happen, there will be pain. Pain brings about beautiful things. For example, a woman gives birth…it’s painful but afterwards you get to raise this beautiful being. After you have went through the pain you reap the rewards.

What I was going to do at first was post this to my social media captioned “My first paycheck for being in a movie…note I said my FIRST! I believe there will be more to come. Yet. Something would not allow me to post. The Devine Spirit told me that if you’re going to post that, your going to tell the whole story…the real story. This is not for your own attention, but to activate encouragement and faith in, someone else. This is to show my work and your obedience.
You ready? I have a testimony of faith. I really and truly hate exposing myself because you never know what happens next, but I have been challenging myself to be obedient and activate my courage.

Here is the story:

So, I decided to take my LinkedIn account more seriously. One day while scrolling I saw an advertisement calling for extras to be in a movie. I thought this was a neat opportunity. I filled out the application to be an extra. I thought that many people were applying too so they wouldn’t contact me. I was wrong. I did get an email! The email gave details of what I need to wear and where I needed to be. I thought that my afro would be an issue. Which I was also wrong about when I sent them a photo of myself. My afro was actually perfect. I knew it wasn’t a paid, but I was excited. I would get to meet a celebrity and at least it was an opportunity to do something I only dreamed about doing.

I will be honest. That morning I started having doubts and getting nervous. I was a substitute teacher and I said to myself, “I should go in and get paid instead of wasting an entire day and not get paid.” I decided to ignore my negative thoughts and actually see what would happen if I went against my negative thoughts. The only one who had been keeping me from living in my calling was me. I knew that.

So, I arrived on set. I had a black shirt on with jeans. I had brought a backpack with other clothes in it just in case what I had on wouldn’t do for the role. I had a black shirt on. Something within me told me to change my shirt. Black is for people who don’t want to be seen. I had a floral top that I had sewen. I changed in my car into that top.

I walked into the holding spot. I asked questions to all that were work as to what I needed to do. There were A LOT of people in this place mind you. People both young and old were in this place.I kept receiving compliments on my top, by the people who were working on the movie. I even went over to the stylist and asked her how she got started. I was interested in the fashion aspect of things.

After a few placements of everyone and instructions on what we all need to do, their team they asked me if I wanted a part in the movie. Ummm…hell yeah! Like who is going to turn that down. It wasn’t a speaking role, but I would be a waitress. They changed me into boots and another top. Everyone else waiting in holding, but I actually go to go where they were shooting the movie. I saw how the scenes were being filmed. I enjoyed great snacks and drinks. Can you imagine Ethan Hawke walking in front of you. Yes! I was in the same space as Ethan Hawke. Really nice guy by the way.

I did my part. I got to meet and network with other people who were extras regularly. It was really cold at times, but overall…I enjoyed myself. Also, I found out at the end that I was getting paid for my time. The pay was actually more than what I would have gotten if I  had went in to sub that day. I got an autograph and to briefly talk to Ethan Hawke, who told me my name was cool, by the way! lol I will never forget this day. I am glad in every way I took a leap of faith and that I listened to my instincts.


Here are some pictures from that day below:


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