Sew Russia: My First Prom

I can’t believe it took this long for me to post this to my blog. It has just been sitting in my drafts for the longest! Sorry about that. I sewed my first prom gowns this year and I am very proud of myself. Read the story below.

I am sewww excited about writing this. I just recently sewed my first prom gowns. I was so very nervous during this process. I have made errors in the past that made me want to give up and just sew for myself. With the encouragement of family, friends, clients and followers, I decided to continue to push.

Being creative isn’t easy. Having a business I have learned is even harder. You have good days and bad days. Bad days seems to outweigh the good, but it comes down to how bad you want your dream. Are you willing to push through the bad days? Are you only willing to work when it feels good, or are you willing to do the uncomfortable?

This experience was worth seeing those bright smiles. These girls looked AMAZING in their gowns. I cannot wait to sew more gowns! Take a look at more photos below.


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