What To Do When People Reject You.

Nobody likes rejection. Rejection can be hard for everyone. Who wants to be told “NO”? Who wants to feel like they are not valued? Does anyone like to be looked over for another person? So what do you do when these types of situations occur? You rejoice! What? You have to be thinking that I am a crazy person by now huh? No, I am serious. Be happy. Rejoice. Being rejected allows one of two things to happen. You either get to move on, or you get to prove yourself.

Build your own door! Being rejected means you don’t have to get stuck with a situation that probably wasn’t meant for you in the first place. Sometimes we think we need certain things. Sometimes we think that what we feel is best IS best. Sometimes we think that we have the right idea about our journey. The truth is, sometimes the things we want is not what we need. Sometimes what we think is best is not. Sometimes we don’t have the right idea about our journey.

We find ourselves going in one direction not realizing that it’s the wrong way. Life has a way of redirecting us and it’s not always in the most comfortable way. We have got to learn to embrace and accept rejection for our own growth. You heard that right! Rejection enhances our growth. We may not see it from the start, but as we keep pushing forward with our goals and dreams it becomes clearer.

So when people reject you embrace it. Sometimes it’s meant for you to push pass the no’s. Sometimes it is meant for you to build your own door. We all have a place here. Life is about getting to our place of purpose. Everyone wants to live in their purpose. Everyone wants to have some type of meaning to their life. Acceptance and rejection comes within our journey to figuring out our lives. Accept and embrace rejection, but don’t allow it to hold you back. Never give up. Never stop. Keep pushing forward.


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