Where Was I 10 Years Ago?

Where was I 10 years ago? Ten years ago I was not in a good place. I felt hopeless. I felt like my future was shattered. I felt discouraged. I felt my confidence withering away. 10 years ago was the beginning of dismantling the old me and preparing me for transformation.

There are things that I would have liked to change in my journey, but I am sure that if I did I wouldn’t be where I am today. It was hard and it was a struggle. I was super young and the direction that I wanted for myself total seemed impossible. It seemed that the dreams and goals that I and made for myself were silly and unattainable. It’s sad to look back and see myself at that type of low. I was doing all kinds of things to try to hide the pain that I was feeling.

I have learned that the best form of healing is dealing. We have to learn to deal with our pain. We have to learn how to turn our pain around for the use of good. I believe that our pain is not only ours. It’s meant to be used to empower ourselves and as well as others. I wish I would have had a different outlook on things at that time. I wish I would have caught on to all that I know now. Then again, maybe everything that is happening at this time is meant to happen at this exact moment and at this exact time.

The good news is, instead of becoming bitter about it all I choose to empower and pour positive energy into others. I know that you can’t please everyone; everyone will not agree with you, people will not always receive you and what you have to say, etc. Still, I try to be the type of person I wish I had around. Now I won’t say I didn’t have my days where I felt moody and low. Everyone goes through the motions. It’s life. Its normal, but you don’t stay there. You have to gather yourself to push through your pain.


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