My Biggest Regret

We all have had or have regrets. We all have things stored inside of our minds that we wish we had executed or said. No one is perfect. No one will completely get everything right all of the time. WE ALL HAVE REGRETS.

I would have to say that one of my BIGGEST regrets is giving up on my dreams to be an adult. I thought that being an adult meant that you could not do the things that were fun to you, and that came to you naturally. I thought things that came to you naturally and easy were wrong, and that it would never lead to success. I thought that life would have to be hard all of the time in order to survive it. I thought a lot of negative and wrong things.

Now at this stage in my life I think that the way that I thought then was silly and immature. I think that it was unsuccessful thinking, which was setting me up for destruction. However, looking back, at that specific time in my life I did not have positive surroundings. It can get very complex when you don’t have the right circle,  or the right people around you who believe in the same things you do. 

A lot of people think that following your dreams is a silly and tedious task that will cost a lot of money. Well, let’s look at it this way, so will going to school for 2-4 years. Even with that you’re still not guaranteed to get a job at all, or one that pays you what you deserve. It does not work like that for everyone. People are hiring people mostly for who they know, and least of all for what you know. Which I think is a HUGE gamble, because the survival of any company depends upon those who are truly qualified, and dedicated to help it thrive. Note I said thrive…not survive. Surviving means doing what it takes to make it. Thriving means to go beyond that.

So it is my promise to myself to value my own gifts and wisdom regardless of who doesn’t. I have seen more growth with starting a business of my own than I have in working for someone else. When I worked for someone my ideas were pushed aside, in some cases stolen, my intelligence was belittled, I was underestimated, I was not giving an opportunity to move up, etc. I had to fight ridiculously, and still saw no results. With my natural born gifts all I have had to do is create it, create a strategy, and put it out there.

No path is going to be all laid out for you. No path is going to be easy, but I do feel that we will be eventually lead in the direction that is meant for us, whether we reject it or not. We will have to come to peace with our destiny, and what’s means for us. I am learning that what’s meant for us is not always the pictures that are painted to us by society. It’s the pictures that are painted inside of the heart and soul.

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