My Thoughts On The Orignal Black Panther Party

I watched the Black Panthers Documentary on Netflix this week. So many thoughts ran through my head about this short film. I don’t even know where to begin. As an African-American dark skin woman, I can say that there definitely are injustices and discrimination that still go on today. It’s just crazy to me. I do agree with people having the right to protect themselves from harmful environments. Not everyone has good intentions, and even good intentions don’t always come out in a good way.

I think it was very sad to see how people were being treated openly. It was sad to see one set of people trying to keep the other at ground level to satisfy their ego and well being. So they felt they had to do things that way.

However, on the upside, I think that the programs that they created were phenomenal and inspiring. It inspired me to want to be more proactive. It was beautiful seeing a community come together in fellowship. It was inspiring to see people getting along for the greater good. It was great to see the poor and unfortunate being helped against a system that was designed to destroy them. It was great to see confidence and an uprising despite the challenges that they had faced. Still today there are poor and unfortunate people that need help. It seems that in today’s society people are least like to care than they once were.

I think what everyone in this world is meant to be free. People want to be valued. People want to live a good life. People want to be respected and treated fairly. People want to be able to eat. People want to be able to raise their children in a world that is mostly good. Most people want the best and some people feel they have to step on and oppress others to get it.

This may be true, I have learned in my adult life that equality and fairness cannot be applied to every situation. How you want to be treated and what another person will allow maybe two total opposites. However, boundaries must be set and a system should be created that is in favor of all not just those who came, saw, and, conquered. I think that the Black Panthers documentary, although it did have its downsides, was a brilliant explanation of what the organization was and what it originally stood for.

The organization wanted to end street bullying (Basically). The organization wanted to help the community’s and their children. There were great motives behind forming this organization. They were fearless, courageous, and they did not have to do what they did. They wanted a better environment and world just like anyone else.

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