Sew Russia:The Book That Influenced My Life

One of the books that has influenced my life is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  At first when looking at the title my thought was…”I really don’t care if people like me or not.” Despite my arrogance about the title, my soul challenged me to look beyond what I was just reading with my eyes. Maybe there was a deeper meaning and something to be learned. Of course, as we all do…I had it ALL WRONG.

By no means was Dale asking you to kiss anyone’s butt. He was urging his readers to pick and choose their battles carefully. He was challenging his readers to be strategic. You know that old saying, “You can catch more flies with honey”? Everything begins and ends in the mind. I think his message overall was if we can control our minds, actions, and words; we can end up getting more of what we want than what we have been accustomed to.

I think that this book, even decades later, is pure brilliance. Personally, it challenged me to think a bit more. It challenged me to use my mind in a way that I never thought of. It challenged me to discipline my thoughts before the words come out of my mouth. Every situation does not have to be an ugly battle. I think we either lose sight of that, or some people simply just do not know that.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to change their life. I definitely recommend this book to entrepreneurs. Anyone who wants to become an influencer should read this book. This book will definitely help you gain more insight. You will see growth as you apply the knowledge given in this book.

Here is a photo of the hard copy I have at home:


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