K.SLaughter’s Guide To Measuring Yourself

Measuring yourself is really easier than it looks. It’s a very simple process. So simple that even my six year old knows how to measure herself.

In this guide I am going to take you step by step (With pictures of course!) in showing you how to measure yourself accurately. We are only going to use the basic measurements, the bust, waist, and hips.

You’re going to need to purchase measuring tape to take your measurements. You can purchase this from Wal-Mart or any local craft store for about $0.97-$2.00.

You need to measure your bust area. The bust is the the fullest part of your breast/chest. The fullest part would be the highest part/at the nipple area. Please make sure that you have on a bra when doing this. This will help ensure accuracy. 

The picture below is a picture of the back area. It should be in line with the front area (It should not be high up or very low. It should meet with the front bust area.)

Next you need to get your waist measurement. It is right above the belly button or under. You take this measurement where you want the top of the bottom garment to sit. 

Last is your hip measurement. This area is around the fullest part of your butt. 

The number you will record with all of these measurements is where the beginning of measuring tape meets the ending. Record where the silver piece lays/stops (The piece before the #1)

I hope this guide was very helpful to you!

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