Sew Russia: It’s Not Meant For Everyone To Understand What You’re going Through

We all go through this thing called life. The journey and the paths we embark on is ours. It was given to us for a reason. We are who we are and where we are for a reason. It is our complete responsibility to do what is necessary to live a better life for ourselves.

Whether you believe it or not, your story; if accepted and worked through, can help impact another person in a positive way. Pain is tough, but some of the most beautiful things are birth through pain. The truth is bad things happen. Bad things happen to both people with good intentions, and those with bad intentions. It is impossible for me to believe that no one has not been through something that wasn’t devastating. If you haven’t…just keep living. Situations come in all forms and sizes. How we deal with our devastation is the key to coming out on the other side victorious.

Your character, values, morals, etc. will be tested. There is no stopping it. There is no changing it. What we can change is ourselves and how we handle our situations. You will become angry and frustrated. Sometimes you will need to vent. Sometimes you will need to cry it out. However, give yourself a minute to let it all out and then come up with a strategy to deal with your situation. Yes. You go through things. However, time stops for no one.

Now, this is NOT a post to bring your vibrations down. This is not to put you in a negative state of mind and/or space. This is not to say that ONLY bad things happen to all. Of course we all know that common sense as well as experience tells us that both good and bad things happen to all people. What I am telling you is not to always expect ONLY good things to happen. Prepare for the bad things too. Although we cannot see what is coming ahead. We can prepare in spirit and sometimes financially. I am saying BE AWARE.

Sometimes we will find ourselves wanting to confide in others. Sometimes we will want to vent to others. The truth is everyone has problems of their own. Only few people are willing to come out of their comfort zones to hear you out, and give you positive feedback. Some people are so consumed in their world and what’s going on in it, that they couldn’t receive what you are talking about even if they wanted to. Look at it like this…that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes being ignored and our needs not met, pushes us to become a stronger people. It teaches us to seek within our spirit for guidance. Disconnect from humans equals connect with the spirit. After all, no one can truly tell you what you could and should be doing. They themselves are not perfect. Sometimes its not a bad thing to not receive vibrations that certain people can place on you.

Pray, meditate, listen to positive music. You don’t have to look like what you go through. Also, TRUST me, you DO NOT want to find yourself depressed. Once you’re there, it can be a hard battle to overcome. If there is no one around that you can share with maybe blog, or make videos. Help someone that feels the same way.You never know, venting your frustrations could help save lives, bring peace, help you to stress less, and it could make you some money in the long run. Let your pain bring you blessings and good gifts. Don’t play into what your pain looks like.You don’t want to get stuck there.


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