Sew Russia: 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Hire or Work with Family and Friends

We all want to succeed and excel at something. It would be awesome and amazing if we could take the people closest to us along for the ride as well along the way to success. It doesn’t always work that way. The hard truth is that even if you always wanted to YOU CAN’T! People walk different paths all the time amd family and friends are no exception to that.
Here I will post 7 reasons why people choose to keep their family out of their professional business.

1.Personal vs. Business Conflict

A fine line needs to be drawn between business and personal to maintian a successful flow. When family or friends do not see your vision or respect it they tend to blurr those lines. They see you as family or a friend, and not an employee and/or co-worker. They tend to be more lax with you than they would be at any other place of employment. They are use to being personal with you so they don’t know or understand how to separate seeing you in a different light.

2.Feelings of Obligation

Family and friends do favors for each other all the time. When a person feels as if they have raised you or contibuted to who you are, they tend to feel as if you owe them.

3.Negative Opinions/ Steering Your Goals
Family and friends can be very  opinionated at times. Every opinion does not apply to you. Every opinion does not apply to your business. Every opinion is not meant to be taken an applied, even if it is heard. Sometimes  the opinions of family and friends can be so strong  that there can be tension if you do not do things the way that they see it.

4.Restraint of Full Work Potiential

Family and friends already have developed a certain type of relationship with you that they are accustom to. It maybe hard for them to break that habit. They may not work as hard, be as focused, or as driven as they would be if they were working with/for another employer. They may view it consciously or subconsciously as time to “hang”.

5.Your Business Is Everyone’s Business

When building a career for yourself you tend to take it personal. It can almost be like a child to You. You can find yourself being very protective over it. Everyone doesn’t understand that. You do not want every aspect of your business life being spread like the tabloids. Sometimes things can come up in conversation with others even when it’s not intended to be talked about.


There is no hiding it…jealousy exists. Especially within your own bloodline or with friends. Some people have a spirit of competitiveness, this can be a good thing. However, if using it in the wrong way it can be bad. Really bad. When people know you and have known you, they can see your success as a burden to them. They can find themselves wondering why they they weren’t given what you were given; not knowing how much you sacrificed and how hard worked for what you have. Jealousy can create conflict.

7.Communication Barrier: Not Wanting to be Told What to Do

Yes! People can be very stubborn and set in their ways. This can make it very difficult to work with others. When a person is not open to trying things outside of what they know and normally do, it is never good for a growing business.

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