Sew Russia: Business Templates

I am sewww excited about these days uisbess template bundles I created. When I was in the property management industry I created flyers, memos, etc. for the companies I worked for. I enjoy creating things that keep people focused and in tasks. A lot to the templates I have created in the past worked for me and helped me to run an apartment complex successfully. 

I am offering these tmeoleates in a meeting undle package as well as individually. I didn’t see anything for people who see and craft sew…I decided to make what I didn’t see, and what I needed myself. 

I love being orgnaized. I just feel that when you are organized success is unlimited. You’re able to see direction clearly. 

View all the templates HERE.

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Sew Russia: 10 Years Ago Progress and Push

There are a lot of people who would be so very disappointed that they are not were they expected themselves to be. Honestly, for the longest time, I was one of those people. I had high expectations for myself. I expected to achieve so much. by the time I was 25. Well…now…I am 28 years old. I did not want a mediocre life. I had a list of things that I wanted. I was oh so very sure that I wanted it.

My old list consist of some of the following:

  • Bachelors Degree
  • Masters Degree
  • PHD
  • Fancy apartment in a metropolitan area over looking the city
  • I great job with a fancy title that allowed me to travel, carrying a laptop around, attend meetings, and a fancy office
  • I did not have a desire to be married. If it happened great, but it wouldn’t affect my career and goals.
  • I wanted to branch off and own my own business
  • I did not want children and if I did I wanted it to happen in my 30’s.
  • I wanted to be able to get items I liked on the spot without having to wait til next payday.

I had made up this world in my mind that I expected to live in. I wanted it and nothing else. Needless to say…that is not how life ended up being for me. I found myself full of resentment and frustration. I was envious of people I saw finishing college. I was envious of people who were getting and maintaining “good jobs”. I wanted my goals too. I felt like everyone was obtaining theirs, and I was a spectator. It felt like everyone was moving along and here I was stuck.

I felt stuck for a while. Not to mention at the time I had no positive influences around me. It was hard. It was hard for a very long time.I resented what I was going through and the people who were steering me. Most importantly, I resented myself for letting them steer me, and all of this happen. My question to myself was, “How would I could out of this?” Even scarier than that…would I come out of it, or is my fate this path for the rest of my life.

True. I look back on somethings now and realize there are something’s that I could have done better. I could have reacted better in some situations. I could have responded better in some situations, but who is perfect? We all do things that could have been better, but the question is would it have been who we are? I find that out of most people I have encountered, I beat up on myself the most. I expect so much out of myself and when it doesn’t go as planned I resent myself.

There was a long and hard road to forgiveness for me. I had to learn how to forgive myself of all people. When I looked back on my previous goals, some of my goals were pretty good. However, it would have been a very lonely one. My husband and my daughter mean so much to me. I enjoy them. I cannot imagine life without them. They are seriously my best friends above all. I had to realize somethings. I had to step back an appreciate where I have been and where I am not. It was hard, but I STILL COME THROUGH IT. Now, thats not to say that everything is so perfect and nice and neat. Where I am is a much better place than where I was. All the degrees in the world could not give me what I have now and even the knowledge that I have obtained is not taught in schools. Hell people with degrees ask me business questions all the time.

Realizing that life will not always go as planned and accepting that will free you so much. You have to start from where you are and just work your way up. There is always away. Sometimes there is always a better way. Sometimes the way that you thought you should go wasn’t what was best for you. I don’t know. All I know is that looking at how others live their lives will destroy you. They are human and they have regrets as well. We are all just learning day by day.

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Sew Russia: Where I Grew Up Gave Me Inspiration

I have LOTS of great memories growing up. My childhood was a pretty good one I can say. I grew up in two different sections of Baton Rouge, but one of them made more of an impact on who I truly am. I grew up in a small section in Baton Rouge called Scotlandville. I remember growing up with all sorts of people around. I saw entrepreneurship at a very early age. I always aspired to own my own business. I was a very good dancer. I thought I would always open up a dance studio; although I was told that dance teachers don’t make a living wage.

There was a little bit of everything to see. There was a man who owned a fruit truck that would roll by in the morning time selling fruits. I loved getting the plums. Those  were my favorite. I saw ice cream man who came in the afternoon selling ice cream. I always wanted the ice cream with the bubble gum eyes. Also, who we called the “candy lady”. She sold just about every candy product, but the real treat to all of us children, were the “dixie cups”. Dixie cups are just frozen cups of kool aid. You would pop it out of the plastic cup, flip it over, and eat it. Now, it is called different things from town to town, but here in Baton Rouge we call it Dixie Cups. Why? Because the brand of cups that we actually ate it out of is called Dixie.

There were so many examples around of entrepreneurship, although none of them were full time. I don’t think our community was truly educated on how to start and maintain a full time business of their own. You saw “side hustles” majority of the time. Also, knowledge of funding, although in the city, was not available to our community. This lead me to want to believe that we, as African-Americans could not start and maintain our own businesses as a majority. You saw the Asians with their hair stores. You saw Caucasians with every type of business you can think about, whether the bought it or started it.

There were some that were exceptions to what I just mentioned. There was this record shop called Bowies Record Shop. We loved to go there. I love music. In my opinion, music provides you a good escape from reality for a minute. We were allowed to get a cassette tape (Yeah. Those were around when I was a child) when we did good in school as a reward. Going into that shop was inspiring. The owner was friendly and there was always good service. I felt like if they could do it. So can I.

Developing and working in your gifts can open up doors for others who are watching you. You may not recognize them, but someone else is always looking for inspiration for their situation…and you just maybe it. I learned a lot of lessons even as a child that I still use today. That’s why it absolutely broke my heart to see that this store has closed. Even with that store being closed as wells as other businesses that once were African-American owned, I still have faith that it can be done. And it can.

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Sew Russia: It’s Not Meant For Everyone To Understand What You’re going Through

We all go through this thing called life. The journey and the paths we embark on is ours. It was given to us for a reason. We are who we are and where we are for a reason. It is our complete responsibility to do what is necessary to live a better life for ourselves.

Whether you believe it or not, your story; if accepted and worked through, can help impact another person in a positive way. Pain is tough, but some of the most beautiful things are birth through pain. The truth is bad things happen. Bad things happen to both people with good intentions, and those with bad intentions. It is impossible for me to believe that no one has not been through something that wasn’t devastating. If you haven’t…just keep living. Situations come in all forms and sizes. How we deal with our devastation is the key to coming out on the other side victorious.

Your character, values, morals, etc. will be tested. There is no stopping it. There is no changing it. What we can change is ourselves and how we handle our situations. You will become angry and frustrated. Sometimes you will need to vent. Sometimes you will need to cry it out. However, give yourself a minute to let it all out and then come up with a strategy to deal with your situation. Yes. You go through things. However, time stops for no one.

Now, this is NOT a post to bring your vibrations down. This is not to put you in a negative state of mind and/or space. This is not to say that ONLY bad things happen to all. Of course we all know that common sense as well as experience tells us that both good and bad things happen to all people. What I am telling you is not to always expect ONLY good things to happen. Prepare for the bad things too. Although we cannot see what is coming ahead. We can prepare in spirit and sometimes financially. I am saying BE AWARE.

Sometimes we will find ourselves wanting to confide in others. Sometimes we will want to vent to others. The truth is everyone has problems of their own. Only few people are willing to come out of their comfort zones to hear you out, and give you positive feedback. Some people are so consumed in their world and what’s going on in it, that they couldn’t receive what you are talking about even if they wanted to. Look at it like this…that’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes being ignored and our needs not met, pushes us to become a stronger people. It teaches us to seek within our spirit for guidance. Disconnect from humans equals connect with the spirit. After all, no one can truly tell you what you could and should be doing. They themselves are not perfect. Sometimes its not a bad thing to not receive vibrations that certain people can place on you.

Pray, meditate, listen to positive music. You don’t have to look like what you go through. Also, TRUST me, you DO NOT want to find yourself depressed. Once you’re there, it can be a hard battle to overcome. If there is no one around that you can share with maybe blog, or make videos. Help someone that feels the same way.You never know, venting your frustrations could help save lives, bring peace, help you to stress less, and it could make you some money in the long run. Let your pain bring you blessings and good gifts. Don’t play into what your pain looks like.You don’t want to get stuck there.


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Violence is not a joking matter. My heart is broken by the number of times I have seen RIP to someone who stayed and endured domestic violence. I cannot say that I understand what goes on in the mind of a person who chooses to stay. I can say that I have been physically abused myself by my father on three occasions. Two times I was a child and had no choice in the matter. The last time I was an adult. I haven’t talked to him since, except in passing  once. One time he hit me hard across my face while driving in hisEdit car. The second time he hit me across my face again more than once a night before I went to school. That time I was in High School. I went to school the next day and everyone commented on my eyes and face. They knew something wasn’t right. However, I just said that I was tired from the night before. The third time. He came over to my Mom’s house. He hit me across my face and picked me up by my shirt, and threw me into my dresser. We called the police, but before the police were called…I went for the knife, and next my Mom’s gun. I was determined to kill him. I wanted to kill him. I felt like I deserved better. I knew I didn’t deserve to be hit. I did not want to be around a person who felt comfortable enough to hit people. I don’t care how much you cannot take the heat that comes from someone’s mouth. No one deserves to be hit. No one deserves to be abused.
Verbal abuse does count as abuse and/or violence. It is the beginning stage before that happens actually. People that spew hate at you truly hate themselves, their situation, or what they have been through. They feel that they had/have no control and instead of dealing with it in a positive way, they choose to act out in anger and aggression. You cannot fix a broken person nor is it your responsibility to do so. Only they can fix themselves, but first they must want it. They must want to change and they must work towards changing. I heavily and unapologetically do not believe in people’s words. People can say one thing one day, and do another or the same thing the next day. IF HE HIT YOU ONCE HE WILL DO IT AGAIN. I REPEAT…IF HE HIT YOU ONCE HE WILL HIT YOU AGAIN.

Also, you know what I have learned about domestic violence when it comes to people looking from the outside? NO ONE GIVES A SHIT UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD! The police of course let my father go. People only looked at it as an “argument” or like “Oh that was just you and your father getting into it” What in the entire FUCK? But if the result would have been that I had died that night due to domestic violent it would have been all kinds of RIP’s and she was such a great person. There would have been mountains of woulda, coulda, shoulda’s, and lies about what people told me to do. What I have learned about personal issues is that no one wants to deal with or hear about your personal issues. Very few people step out of their comfort zone to deal with or care about the well-being of others.

You have to decide at the end of the day what is best for you. Especially if you have children. You deserve to live the happiest and most peaceful life there is. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be around people who will love and tolerate you at your best and worst. You do not deserve to be hit. You do not deserve to be torn down. Those people who you think that you need, remove them and God will show you how much you didn’t need them. Nothing is worth your life, happiness, joy, abilities. Do not give your life and energy to a person who doesn’t deserve it. No one will care about you more than you care about yourself. People in this world are looking out for themselves on a daily basis. You have to make a choice to choose better for yourself. Being tied to people who drain you will not lead to a good ending. You have to believe in yourself. You have to know who you are. You have to stop tolerating things that shouldn’t be tolerated.

I do believe that women should carry some type of protection with them at all times. Yes. To be specific, I am talking about guns, knives, and hand held tazers, not no fucking pepper spray. Yes. I had to get completely filthy in language on this blog post because sometimes saying it nice and clean gets over looked. I want you to get mad, get offended, and do something about it. This even applies to those who witness it. Encourage them to get out!

If any one is saying or doing any of theses you need to leave immediately:

  • You ain’t shit.
  • You’re never going to be anything.
  • You won’t amount to nothing.
  • You need me.
  • You can’t do nothing without me.
  • You can’t do anything right.
  • You make me mad.
  • You make me want to hit you.
  • You make me do these things.
  • Nobody loves you.
  • I am the only one that loves you.
  • You’re not going to do it.
  • *Squeezing your arm (s) tight.
  • *Slapping you in the face*
  • *Hitting you in the face*
  • *Forcing you to have sex/Forcing themselves on you*
  • *Punching you in the stomach*
  • *Picking you up and throwing you*
  • *Shoving you*
  • *Choking you*

Please! Please! Take domestic violence seriously. Believe the people who tear you down. That really and truly is who they are. They are not acting. People can say I am sorry and go right back to doing the same things the next day. You cannot be sympathetic and empathetic to people who physically and verbally abuse you. There are people on this Earth who need you and what you have to offer. Know that you are important. Get help if needed, but most importantly…GET OUT & STAY OUT!

Visit the National Coalition for Domestic Violence’s website.

For anonymous, confidential help available 24/7, call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or 1-800-787-3224 (TTY) now.

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Sew Russia: 6 Ways to Finding Your Tribe 

Your tribe is a group of people who are willing to listen to you. Your tribe is willing to purchase your products. Your tribe is willing to see pass your flaws and still cheer you on. 

How do you find these people you ask?

I will post 6 ways that you can find your tribe. 

Let’s go!

1. Introduce Yourself/Talk to People

We can sometimes (or most of the time) find ourselves in the timid side because we don’t know what to say to people. Sometimes we don’t know if our personality will be received well with someone who doesn’t know us. Everyone loves to talk to someone they can relate to. There is nothing more refreshing than that. Start of with a simple “Hello!” and a smile. Hello’s and smile can lead to sales, you learning information that you didn’t know, and even unexpected blessings. You never know what’s behind a door until you knock.

2.Add People to Your Social Network

The purpose of social media is to connect with people that you probably wouldn’t get the chance to meet if there were no social media. Social media is a great tool for connecting to people and learning all about them. I would encourage you to be cautious as well. There are so many scams out there. Make sure that you are checking profiles to verify that they are real people. Do not give out personal information. If you are meeting someone meet at a public place like a coffe shop. Be very very careful.

3.Search Eventbrite/Newspaper

I LOVE Eventbrite! You can find so many events locally and nationally to attend. It is a great way to make connections in person. Not to mention you get to get out of the house for a bit. Also, you can check your local newspaper for any events coming up.

4.Go Live

I know. I know. I was nervous going live too, but it’s a great way to reach people outside of your friends list. You can go live on Periscope, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Start of talking about things you have experience in, and as you grow so will your conversation.

5.Make Videos

People love hearing from people who have the same interests as them. Videos can be made to introduce something and to teach something. It is all in what you make of it. The more you add value the more valuable you become.

6.Post Content of Value

There is someone somewhere searching for something. Posting content of value means to enhance the life of another with either a product or service. This can also be in the form of entertainment and sharing experinces. However you want to start, do what you are comfortable with. They more you add value, the more vauable you are. The more you can improve the life of another the more sought after you become.

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Sew Russia: 7 Reasons Why People Don’t Hire or Work with Family and Friends

We all want to succeed and excel at something. It would be awesome and amazing if we could take the people closest to us along for the ride as well along the way to success. It doesn’t always work that way. The hard truth is that even if you always wanted to YOU CAN’T! People walk different paths all the time amd family and friends are no exception to that.
Here I will post 7 reasons why people choose to keep their family out of their professional business.

1.Personal vs. Business Conflict

A fine line needs to be drawn between business and personal to maintian a successful flow. When family or friends do not see your vision or respect it they tend to blurr those lines. They see you as family or a friend, and not an employee and/or co-worker. They tend to be more lax with you than they would be at any other place of employment. They are use to being personal with you so they don’t know or understand how to separate seeing you in a different light.

2.Feelings of Obligation

Family and friends do favors for each other all the time. When a person feels as if they have raised you or contibuted to who you are, they tend to feel as if you owe them.

3.Negative Opinions/ Steering Your Goals
Family and friends can be very  opinionated at times. Every opinion does not apply to you. Every opinion does not apply to your business. Every opinion is not meant to be taken an applied, even if it is heard. Sometimes  the opinions of family and friends can be so strong  that there can be tension if you do not do things the way that they see it.

4.Restraint of Full Work Potiential

Family and friends already have developed a certain type of relationship with you that they are accustom to. It maybe hard for them to break that habit. They may not work as hard, be as focused, or as driven as they would be if they were working with/for another employer. They may view it consciously or subconsciously as time to “hang”.

5.Your Business Is Everyone’s Business

When building a career for yourself you tend to take it personal. It can almost be like a child to You. You can find yourself being very protective over it. Everyone doesn’t understand that. You do not want every aspect of your business life being spread like the tabloids. Sometimes things can come up in conversation with others even when it’s not intended to be talked about.


There is no hiding it…jealousy exists. Especially within your own bloodline or with friends. Some people have a spirit of competitiveness, this can be a good thing. However, if using it in the wrong way it can be bad. Really bad. When people know you and have known you, they can see your success as a burden to them. They can find themselves wondering why they they weren’t given what you were given; not knowing how much you sacrificed and how hard worked for what you have. Jealousy can create conflict.

7.Communication Barrier: Not Wanting to be Told What to Do

Yes! People can be very stubborn and set in their ways. This can make it very difficult to work with others. When a person is not open to trying things outside of what they know and normally do, it is never good for a growing business.

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Sew Russia: Cheesy Spinach Chicken

I LOVE spinach, I love cheese, and chicken is a bonus. When combined it makes a yummy and affordable masterpiece lunch…or dinner.

I decided to experiment with what I had in my refrigerator. This recipe is so quick and easy and only called for 3 items, plus some spices.

Lets get into it!

What you will need:

  • Bag of spinach
  • Frozen diced chicken or chopped chicken breast
  • Shredded cheese
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Salt 
  • Garlic powder
  • Thyme
  • Olive oil

1.Add olive oil to your pan

2.If you are chopping your chicken breast fresh you will need to cook that first until browned. Then throw in your spinach until wilted.Add in your spices as you are waiting for it to cook down.

3. If you bought a bag of diced chicken you can combine it with the spinach and seasonings until done.

4. Add in cheese and tie until melted.

5. Serve

Optional: You can also stuff this in a tortilla shell.
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