Sew Russia: Authentically Me

​I don’t… 

*Get my eyebrows done regularly

*Wear make-up regularly

*Go get my hair done regularly

*Get my nails done regularly

* Apologize for it ever

*Compromise who I am and what I like to meet Earthly requirements ever

I am a plain Jane. I am EXTREMELY low maintenance and I LOVE it. That’s who I am. I have been judged by women who do wear make-up and these other things regularly. Still…I am me and they are them. I don’t judge anyone for living in their truth and I prefer mine to not be dictated as well. I love myself. I love who I am. I love who I have become. I love who I am becoming. The old school have always told me I had a wise soul. I just focus on growing in that. What I seek no one on Earth can give me. There as certain level I am reaching for and even I can’t see it, but I feel it. I appreciate where I am and what I am and grow from there.

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