Sew Russia: Bomber Jacket Surprise 

Bomber jackets have seemed to have never gone out of style. Not only are they stylish, but can keep you very warm in the winter. I had been seeing these sequin bomber jackets floating around and I knew I just had to make one. Why not for my daughter of course!

My daughter is very patient when I have to see for others. Of course she wants her attention like any other six year old, but she allows me to work when I have projects due. This means that I have to sacrifice time with her to get it done.I always make sure that in the most of my working I create something for her as well as a thank you.

I haven’t seen any commercial patterns floating around on the shelves of stores so I turned to the book of Pinterest for help. I don’t know about you, but I love purchasing patterns from actual patternmakers/entrepenuers. They patterns seem a little more simpler to me.

I ran purchased my bomber jacket Patten from Sew a Little Seam. They also have a tutorial that you can follow along with. If you follow the instructions exactly you will get the same result. You can always put your own spin on it of course.

I used knit fabric for the inside lining and Ron knit for the cuffs and bands. All of these can be purchased at JoAnns or your local fabric store. I purchased my sequins fabric from a nifty Etsy store called SaltnPepper Design.
Here is some more views of the jacket.

Jacket inside

My daughter modeling her jacket.

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