Sew Russia:Holiday Table Decor

I come from a world of humble beginnings. I learned at a very early age that I have to create the world I wanted. I grew up watch my mother and grand mother decorating their house and Making the most of what they had. They made middle class living look like luxury. I learned a lot of my creative skills from watch them and many others in my family.

It has been a shame that I have been in my house for months and I have not decorated. There has just been so much going on in Baton Rouge in the year 2016 that it really put a damper on my creative spirit, but I am slowly but surely regaining it.

My first project was decorating my dining room table. I am in love with the outcome. The colors of my kitchen are red and gold. Previously I didn’t really care for gold, but now I am completely obsessed with the color. 

I also did a tutorial on how I created these pieces for my table. Click the link to view it: How to Decorate Your Table For the Holidays.You can tweak it however you want. 


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