Sew Russia: BBQ Salmon 

Hey ya’ll! 

Here is another oh so very yummy tutorial!!!! As you know I have been trying to cook salmon, my favorite fish many ways. I now can proudly say that I don’t have to depend on only dining at resturants to eat a great tasting salmon. I can now cooking it in my own kitchen just as well! Whoo!!! Hoo!!! I am excited.

There is only one down fall. I will have to refrain from eating it everyday so I don’t get burnt out on it. The temptation will be hard. Very hard. 

Well…let’s get started!


*McCormick Brown Sugar Burbon

*BBQ Sauce 


*Salt and Pepper

1. You are going to cook your salmon halfway.

2. Pour Brown sugar burbon and a light amount of BBQ sauce on your salmon and broil it for about 20-25 minutes.

3. Eat

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