Sew Russia: One of My Little Reading Secrets

Hey ya’ll!

I am just going to share one of my little secrets. Reading is so very important. Almost EVERYTHING you need to know and discover is inside of a book! I personally have always been a fan of self-help and business books.

 I am currently finishing up “Grow Your Handmade Business” by Kari Chapin. I have both Kari’s books. I even bought one book twice. I did see change and growth after reading her books. 
The key is not only to read the information, but to also apply what you have learned.  You can only grow if you actually act action towards your goals and new found knowledge. You have to come up with your own way to be consistent about what you’re passionate about. These books help you come up with a plan. 

This book is a MUST GRAB  for anyone wanting to start a business period. It helps you identify every aspect of your business. She speaks generally so just about everyone doing anything can apply these steps to their business. You can only grow if you know!

I know a lot of y’all are into Amazon and EBay, but also check out AbeBooks. They are perfect for getting books in a timely manner and also you can get REALLY GOOD discounts on books! Check them out.

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