Sew Russia:Better Than Store Bought DIY Bacon, Egg and Cheese Crossiant

Hello everyone! 

How was your weekend? Here in Louisiana were still recovong from the flooding that occured. No worries. Everything will work out in everyone’s favor. I have faith that it will be so!

I am excited to share this bacon, egg, and cheese crossiant breakfast sandwich reciepe with you. It is yummy yummy! I promise you will never want to buy store bought again! My daughter is a VERY picky eater and even she wanted seconds!

This would be a great meal prep idea as well. You can pair it with a fruit of your choice and water bottle to drink. It is easy to make and easy to pack.
Well enough of trying to convince you. Lets get started!

Here is what you will need: 

  • Pilbury crossaints
  • Carton of eggs 
  • Your favorite cheese
  • Prepakaged bacon or you can cook from scratch
  • Salt & pepper

Here is your Pillsbury brand crossaints.

    Crack and sramble you eggs, adding salt and pepper.

    Choose your choice of cheese. The majority likes shredded. I like the Taco Bell Nacho cheese taste. It has more flavor in my opinion. If you don’t like cheese you can omit this step.

    You want to use the soft prepackaged bacon. This should be in the same aisle as the salad dressing and next to the crutons. If you have time you can cook your bacon from scratch and chop it up.

    Cook your eggs. I have this omelet device that helps make my eggs more fluffy. To get fluffier eggs you can scramble your eggs on low heat.

    Lightly cook your bacon.

    Next you want to load your crossiants. It’s not pictured here, but you add your cheese on last.

    Next you roll those bad boys up and bake until your crossiants have a light brown tint.

    Here is the finished product! So yummy you won’t want store bought again, and it’s very cost effective. You literally get more bang for your buck. 

    If you try the recipe leave a comment on how it turned out! 

    Happy cooking!

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