Sew Russia: Why Is It Important To Be Optimistic?

Why is it important to be optimistic? 

Good question!

No one wants to be around a negative Nancy 24/7. I am just being honest.

Choosing to be optimistic is beneficial to your health. Circumstances constantly change, but your attitude and outlook determine your success. In order to see the light you have to be the light. You are how you act and how you react. 

If you want a positive life You have to learn the habit of having positive thoughts and doing positive things.

I know…I know…this is easily said than done. What’s that saying? Rome wasn’t built in a day. Takae this journey a day at a time and I promise you will start to see changes. Your feelings will began to match your words and thoughts. You will begin to feel good.

What are some ways in which you can be optimistic?

1.Think of positive memories

  • It can be so easy to dwell on the past. Most of the time when we dwell on the past we are thinking negatively. We think of things we could have changed and things we should have said. How about we take those experiences and start using them to empower us.

    2. Get Out, Talk to Others, and Be Active

    • Sometimes being alone is a good thing and at others it is not. Being with yourself for too long can cause you to generate negative thoughts. In some cases of thinking we tend to exaggerated reality or expect things that won’t truly happen. The only way to cure this is to remain in communication with others and get out of your “quite place”. Join a group of like minded individuals or people who have similar interests. Talk a walk, a swim, or read a book that’s full of information to learn.

    3. Find a Craft

    • Find something that you actually enjoy doing. This can help take your mind off of a lot. In most cases it can help you burn that negative energy.  Learn to sew, learn to play an instrument, learn woodworking, go workout, or join a class and learn something new. There are endless opportunities.

    To build positive habits we must learn to repeat out actions and put words over and over. This is not an overnight process. Don’t expect yourself to get with the program within a week. Its going to take some practice and self evaluation, just like anything else.

    The important thing is you start now. You will thank yourself years from now. To have a good life we must plant good seeds.


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