Sew Russia: Sewww You Want To Start A Business…Here Are The 1st Steps


Hello! You are here because you want to start a business! That’s great. Believe it or not that’s the first important step to starting a business. You have to KNOW you want to do it.

I am going to list 6 things you need to do to start a business. Lets get into it!

1.Come up with a niche.

You must know what it is you want to do. Do you want to be a seamstress? Do you want to be a carpenter? Do you want to be an interior decorator? Do you want to own a trucking company? Do you want to flip houses?

You have to be clear on what it is that you have a passion for doing. Don’t just pick something because it sounds appealing. Relate what you want to do to what you are passionate about. Trust me. You will need that on the days it all seems too hard, and you feel like giving up. Find your passion, and you find something worth living for!

2.What is your vision?

Where do you see yourself now, and in a couple of years? How far do you want to take your vision? Do you want to work from home? Do you want to own/lease a building? Do you want to enter shows?

You have to know how far you want to go in your endeavors. You will need to know your limits as well as what you are not limited to.


You need to know what you are getting yourself into. You need to make sure that this is exactly what you want. Even through the good and bad times, you have to still want it. Read blogs, search websites, watch tutorials/YouTube videos, and join Facebook groups. You always want to know What you are getting yourself into. Of course you will discover new things along the way, but it is your responsibility to equip yourself as much as possible.

4.Invest in your brand!

Here is the big step to getting everything going! Discipline yourself. Investing in equipment and tools will get you going in the right direction.You will need to read books and to attend seminars too. Group meetings with like-minded people will help keep you informed, and up to date on your chosen industry.  You will need computers and software to keep up with your data. Also, search apps that will help you become successful. These are just to list a few.

5.Come up with and/or find a financial plan.

You will need funding to purchase things you will need for your business. Set aside a savings for that. Invest every paycheck even if its a $5-$10 contribution, it still counts. A little at a time adds up over time!

Cut back on the things that you can. Maybe you can get a roommate and split the cost of rent. Maybe you can go without eating out for a while. Decide what you can do to push yourself into the direction of your dreams.

6. Write it all down.

No one remembers every single thing. We all end up forgetting eventually. It is important to write your thoughts and goals down. Once it is written progression can start. You will find yourself challenging yourself to attain what you wrote down. Also, you can come back to what you wrote down months/years later if you need that information at that time.

7.Believe even when you cannot see.

It will not be easy. Sometimes you will feel like giving up, and you cannot even see your own dream. You have to believe even when it’s not there, or when you can’t see your own vision. You will be your biggest supporter. You will be your greatest friend. You will have to live with yourself forever. Why not make your dreams come true. Why not create something worth living for. Why not do something that even when you are long gone someone thanks you for doing it!

I hope my entry was helpful to someone. Thank you for reading!

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