Sew Russia: 5 social Media Fashion Designers Who Inspire Me


I am a firm believer in giving credit where it is due! I get inspiration from all over the place but today, I want to list 5 social media designers that inspire me. Although I could go on and on with this, I am only going to give 5 for now.

Welph…here we go!



1.Brittany DKe’

I have been following this chick’s Youtube for years. I have learned sewww much from her and the best part…I have actually connected with her! Every down to Earth and informative. Check out Btrittany’s channel here.



2.Shameitria Fernandez

No one words need to even be expressed. This designer’s designs speak for themselves. Check out Shameitria’s page here.




3.Charissa Myers

Skirts for days! I love how professional her skirts look and the different fabric she uses for them. Check out Charissa’s page here.



4.Beau Je

Is there anything this lady cannot do? I mean seriously! Beau’s designs are out of this world fabulous! Check out Beau’s page here




5.Dymond Warren

Glamorous! All of Dymond’s designs look like they came out of a magazine! Check out Dymond’s page here





These designers all bring different styles and flavors to the table. It is amazing seeing positive growth and they definitely exhibit that in every way! Go check them out and be inspired!

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