Sew Russia:✂Allow Me To Introduce Myself-10 Facts About Me✂

Hey! Hi! Hello!


I know that I just jumped straight to the point right? I started writing blogs before I even introduced myself to you all. Sorry. My bad!

My blog is all about me getting to know you, you getting to know me, and sharing information! Yayyy!!!!

Ok…about me…
My name is KoRussia Slaughter formerly KoRussia McCaleb (My maiden name…I really miss it *insert tears here*).  I was raised in Baton Rouge (Red Stick), Louisiana and currently reside here with my husband and daughter.

1.I love to write!

I have been writing since I was about 5 years old. I would right short stories, and short stories turned into poems. I never really like writing page upon page of things. I do plan to jump out of my comfort zone in the future with that.

2.I love to craft!

I have always been crafty. I would create journals and drawings when I was little. I loved origami. I learned basic origami from former classmates.

I am a seamstress and jewelry designer.  I also like to create other things, but these two are my main focus. I love what I do. I love giving people unique pieces. I believe everyone is an individual, and every individual brings something to the world that is valuable.I have been making jewelry and other crafty things professionally for about 4 years.

3.I love positivity!
I am very positive although I am passionate about a lot of topics that you may read in the future, but please know my thoughts come from a good place.

4.I love deep conversations and believe everything has meaning.

It is absolutely impossible for me to not think. In am always thinking of something. The only time my brain gets a break is when I am asleep. Even then, sometimes I dream about the future. I love having conversations about topics that mean something and hearing different point of views. I believe believe that everyone brings something to a topic. It is impossible to always have one answer/solution for every problem.

5. I love to dance!
I am a great dancer. You can catch me on the middle of the isle dancing to a catchy song playing over the intercom of a store. My daughter hates that by the way!

6. Any fears?
My biggest fear is leaving the Earth and had not made any use of my gifts and potential. I think everyone fears that, but only a few are willing to step out.

7. I LOVE soul food!
I am from Lousiana. We have like the best food in the world! I love red beans and rice. I can eat that everyday and never get tired. I am allergic to shellfish (crawfish, shrimp, crab, lobster,etc.). That really sucks because everyone in Louisiana are very big on crawfish. However, I love fried catfish. I love fish period. It’s my favorite meat. I always order salmon when I go out to eat.

8.Favorite music?
I am a mixture. I love upbeat music as well as slow pace music. I love pop music.

9. Favorite pastimes besides crafting?

I love to sit in silence. As crazy as that sounds, it allows you to think and gather your next steps. I love to do soothing things like sit at the levee and let the sun beam down on me. I love solitude.

10.Some of my favorite people in the world?

Some of my favorite people in the world are those that are not fortunate or spoon feed and still make a way to live their dreams, whatever they maybe. No one and nothing is stronger and more brave than that person!

Welph! That’s enough about me…tell me a little about you. Also, do not hesitate to ask me any questions. I look forward to connecting with ya’ll!

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