What Is Forgiveness????? How Do We Forgive????


Forgiveness can be one of the hardest and most complex topics. When offended people often hold in frustrations. They recite and relive previous situations over and over in their heads. They harbor anger that often comes out at the wrong time. They think about what they could have said and should have done. They relive the past so much that it becomes apart of them and their whole attitude.

How do you overcome a deep hurt? How do you overcome rejection? How do you overcome resentment? How do you overcome and forgive? Lets be realistic. Its is hard. Things are easier said then done. When someone has rubbed you the wrong way, your body and mind goes into defense. You want to retaliate and you want to win. You don’t want to feel ashamed, rejected, or betrayed. You want to win and you want it to feel good. Is winning everything? Do you really win when you stoop to someone else’s level? Do you win when you seek and get revenge? Will it really make you feel good after its all said and done?

Forgiveness happens when you no longer have hard feelings towards the person that offended you. Forgiveness happens when you don’t think about what happened to you all day everyday. Forgiveness happens when you don’t make what happened to you a priority. You focus on living the best life possible and achieving your goals.

I don’t believe you have to reconnect to forgive. I think that is a personal choice. I don’t believe you have to hang you with that person to forgive. In some cases you will even have to forgive people who are not sorry. You will have to forgive people that do not feel they did anything wrong. You will have to forgive people who would definitely do it again. It can be hard. It can be challenging. It can take making some very hard decisions.

I believe in distance. There is no rule book stating that you have to keep taking mistreatment over and over. There is nothing stated that you have to sacrifice your health and well being to please someone who mistreats you; by being in their presence.

We have to find peace. I believe that the soul seeks it all the time whether we are aware of it or not.  We have to come to peace with our past and the things that have happened to us. there is nothing that you can do to change the past, but  you can make a better future.


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