Frustrations of a Visionary


It can be quite frustrating when you are the only one that can see your vision. You believe wholeheartedly in your dream. With the right people, time, and, place…it could actually come true. You already believe, but you have to get others to believe too.  How hard can that be? VERY! Why, because everyone has a dream right? What makes your dreams so important that they should come true over everyone else’s? Why should you see your plans and aspirations come to life over everyone else’s?

The truth of the matter is that work ethic separates us all. Knowledge, by how an where we apply it separates us. Willingness separates us all. You have to be willing to do things when you are tired, and when you don’t feel like it. You have to be willing to fit things in even when they can’t. You have to make time and manage time.

Everyone has their own destiny. Everyone has their own will power. Each individual is tailored differently. Some want to work a 9-5, and some just won’t fit in that 9-5 category because it does not fit who they are. It does not mean that either person is more important than the other. Each side has its own challenges and frustrations.

Working 9-5 means that you will have to follow someones instructions. Take breaks when they allow, and however long they allow it. You receive a cut off amount of pay at your pay rate, with or without benefits. Your ideas may often get passed up because it may not fit, or may be a threat. You will have the ease of not having to worry about the company’s daily survival though. You can always go find another job if the company goes out of business. You only play your role and do the functions of your job. You don’t have to do anything major outside of that. You get to go home and have certain off days to be with your family and friends.

Being and entrepreneur means many late nights and early mornings,because the survival of your company depends on you thinking about each move every step of the day. It means you may not have he luxury of having many off days. You may have to work full-time until your business gets of the ground. You will sacrifices time  with family, friends, and self. You have to keep moving even when those around you do not understand what you do, and may possibly give you a hard time. You have to be consistent and not miss a beat in order to profit. You have to gain customers that believe in your products and services. You have to separate yourself from those out there that are already established and doing it.

You have to decide whats worth it in this lifetime. There may not be a second chance. When you have a vision it is hard. Life happens to all of us. It can be very difficult to be optimistic when you have been dragged through hell. It can be hard to stay positive all the time in a world full of actors and actresses. It can be hard to keep pushing when you don’t see it and when people make it hard to go through. Your vision is for you. Whether you choose to share it or not. You have to determine if its well worth going through everything.


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