Get Over It! Get Over Yourself!

It is very true that the only person standing in your way is you! I will sit and look at a project that intimates me for days. Lord! Please don’t let me make a mistake. I may not try it out again for a couples of weeks or even months! Crazy! In the end when we look back on our accomplishments, it really wasn’t as hard as we made it seem. We stand in our own way.

I have been fighting with this waist band and zipper combination. I YouTube’d until I couldn’t YouTube anymore. Then it got me after watching over and over. All I needed to do was try it! Just give it a try. Take my time and figure it out. I did just that and I am happy with the results.

I LOVE everything African art/ African print. I love how the blend of colors or in some cases full colors look. I am a lover of all things unique. And so this fabric print I found (below) became a skirt!



Back (zipper install)


Of course my daughter tried this number on with excitement. She loves skirts and custom made items. She is my biggest fan!


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