The Power of Support

We have always heard the phrase, “There is strength in numbers”. How true that is. A few people could never defeat an army with a strategic plan. Note I said strategic plan. I love supporting and embracing others. I go hard for anything and anyone I believe in. That’s just my personality. I have always believed in unity.

Unity with the right people can open up doors in unimagined ways. Bringing ideas and concepts together could be just what a certain puzzle needs to completed the bigger picture. I believe that if we were more open to the idea that everyone is not the same and accepted that, there could be more productivity.

Social media has done a great job in giving everyone a voice. We may not realize it, but we are learning more than our own environment. We learn other ways of thinking, and living other than our own. I believe this is important. Learning about each other and about things outside of our environment strengthens us, and in some cases frees us. Connecting to other people helps not only to open our minds and hearts, but to open opportunities as well.

I love sharing fellow entrepreneurs ideas and works. There is something special about someone that takes time out of their schedule to create things. It shows passion.

With that being said…I did my 1st revamp. I have been busy building skill so that I can shift over into making clothing. I love making things for others that are customized. I have a pretty unique name that no one else has, so feeling as if I am number is second nature. I want everyone to feel like that. That’s what’s behind the passion of my creations.

My husband was given this adorable shirt by Leroy’s Lipsmakin Lemonade.


I at first glance I knew I wanted to make a tank. However, when the day came that I would actually sit down and do it, I decided to make a peplum tank.


Isn’t it the absolute cutest? I love creating and supporting. This project helped me to accomplish both!




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