Get Over It! Get Over Yourself!

It is very true that the only person standing in your way is you! I will sit and look at a project that intimates me for days. Lord! Please don't let me make a mistake. I may not try it out again for a couples of weeks or even months! Crazy! In the end when... Continue Reading →


Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet-My Valentine’s Gift to My Husband

Sewww...I saw a wedding photo that inspired me! A bride was washing her grooms feet. This instantly made me think deeper. I wanted to do that for my husband! Any gift that I give comes from the heart and spirit. I love creating things or giving things that have meaning behind it. Everything I do... Continue Reading →

DIY T-Shirt Dress

The spring and summer time is vastly approaching. I have been trying to hear up for the seasons. My daughter LOVES dresses. If she could wear dresses all day everyday she would! I think dresses not only cute but comfortable to wear. I have been busy making a couple of T-Shirt dresses. T-Shirt dresses are... Continue Reading →

The Power of Support

We have always heard the phrase, "There is strength in numbers". How true that is. A few people could never defeat an army with a strategic plan. Note I said strategic plan. I love supporting and embracing others. I go hard for anything and anyone I believe in. That's just my personality. I have always... Continue Reading →

Journey To Natural Hair

I wish that I could say that my natural hair start was one full of optimism and joy. I wish that I could tell you that I just "wanted a new look" I wish I could *Sings* tell you something good. I can only give you my reality. The reality was I was overwhelmed, I... Continue Reading →

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