How To Make a Baby Bib Tutorial

Sewww…the universe lead me to do a tutorial quickie. I was working on a Baby bib and thought hummm…why not make a tutorial in the process!

I make a lot stuff for my daughter who is 5 years old, but I would love to have another baby so that I can make baby stuff. I mean that’s not the only reason, but it maybe the main reason (lol).

Nothing beats having your items kid approved, because children are pretty honest and in front right? Right!

A lot of hunting goes on here in Louisiana and my eyes have been glued to the super cuteness of camouflage. I feel like such a late bloomer. No. I have not hunted myself, but it is on my bucket list. I don’t know how I would feel afterwards though. I am VERY compassionate and may feel bad about the whole thing. I can just see myself going into my room and sitting in the dark in shock (lol).

Ok. Anyways…let’s get right to it!

Supplies Needed:
1.Fabric (for the bib front and back)
2. Interfacing or Fleece (optional)
3.Sewing Machine
4. Thread (this needs to closely match your bib fabric)
6.Baby Bib pattern

Step 1:
First cut out three pieces using your baby bib pattern. Two of the pieces are going to be used for the front and back of the outer part of the bib. One of the pieces is going to be the interfacing or fleece. This piece helps to create a thickness and softness that will help absorb saliva and make the bib comfortable.


Step 2:
Place the two fabric pieces on top of Each other with right sides touching. You should see the wrong sides on the top and bottom. Right sides should be in the middle.

*Note: The right side is the part of the fabric you want to show once completed. The wrong side is the part of the fabric you do not want to show.


Step 3:
Place the interfacing or fleece on top.

*Note: You do this because you want it to be in the middle on the inside of the completed project.


Step 4:
Pin all of your fabrics together so that all parts can line up while sewing. You don’t want anything to slip.


Step 5
Take your bib over to the sewing machine and sew where the pins are. Remove your pins while sewing. Leave an opening so that you can turn the bib inside out. You’re just going to stick your fingers in and pull through from the top of the bib.


Step 6
This is what your bib should look like once its turned inside out. Turn the opening You have inward to blend in with the creases on the side and pin that area. You want to take it over the the sewing machine and top stitch all around the bib. This will close the opening and give a more finished look to the bib.


Step 7
Add your snaps to your bib and you are done! Here is the completed look!


I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that it was very informative. For more tutorials follow my blog SewRussia Blog Page (Click here!!!), like my Facebook page  SewRussia Facebook Page (Click here!!!), and follow me on Instagram SewRussia Instagram (Click here!!!).

Thank you!


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