Meet Bella! That’s Ms. Southern Bella To You!

Meet Bella the Southern Belle!


I was searching for the perfect dress form. I didn’t want one that looked like everyone else’s, that I had been seeing. Eventually in the future I may reupholster her, but as for now she is perfect as is!

*Insert southern accent here* Ain’t she perrrttyyy? I like to walk around the craft store and let the vibes come to me. I know it sounds crazy, but it works. I always get more than I expect too. Craft stores are my place of peace. I can let ideas run wild in there.

And sewww…I met Bella!

Bella is a pink and white polka dot dress form and she is adjustable. She was born and raised in Louisiana. She has two sides to her. She likes to dress up in the prettiest full dresses and skirts with button up tops.  She like to get fancy and go to balls in New Orleans from time to time. She also enjoys hanging on the front porch with her friends drinking tea and eating tea cakes. She loves to bake and cook things from scratch.

Also, Bella like to hunt with her guy friends on Saturday or Sunday mornings. There is just some thing about the out doors that brings her a sense of peace. Bella is a rebel. She likes a challenge and conquers anything thrown her way. Bella is a risk taker and a creator.

Thats why I bought her!

I grabbed her from my local Hobby Lobby. I am looking forward to many great sewing journeys and projects with Bella.

P.S. I told my daughter Bella was her sibling (she is an only child). That didn’t go to well!😂




2 thoughts on “Meet Bella! That’s Ms. Southern Bella To You!

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  1. I only have the bust form. One day I will not be stingy with my money and actually buy a real one. they get as low as $49 around here.


    1. There were only 4 of them and they had just been put out. They were on sale for $48.99 for 30% off. The cashier was so sweet and helped me out buy letting me use the 40% off coupon and I got her for $45. I was sewww happy.


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