Tutu Cute

I love creating tutus. My daughter loves everything girly and fairy fantasyland. I am behind her 100%. I have always been creative, and this creative journey I have been on has been a challenge, yet fulfilling! Not only do I get the opportunity of seeing my daughter smile as well as her confidence rise, but that of other little girls I create for too!

Wow! How amazing is it that this gift helps bring out character in a positive way.


I have had the opportunity to create tutus for Halloween and Birthday occasions. I have conquered Pumpkin, Witch, Minnie Mouse, and Sophia the First themes.



I got to do two Minnie Mouse versions which I got to create Minnie Mouse ears for each of them, and button earrings for one.


This Frozen themes tutu makes you think of a real fairytale. One could imagine being in Pixie Hallow flying amongst the Fairies and other living things, seeing what adventures are ahead!

No? Is it just me? Ok…lol

Anyway, I have really truly discovered a way to release my creative thoughts and gifts. The most rewarding part is seeing others smile and wear each piece with confidence!

See the tutorial for the Minnie Mouse Ears I created below!

Click here 👇

Minnie Mouse Ear Tutorial (Click)


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