I’ll Be Late For Christmas

I know I am super duper late. I am trying to catch up on all the blogging I have been meaning to do. 😬😩

Sewww…during Christmas there was this shirt at Old Navy that I saw, and I just knew my daughter had to have it for her Christmas outfit. I knew I would make a skirt for her to go with it.

At first I wanted to do a fluffy skirt to go with it, but then..as I was walking down the aisle of Walmart, the sewing God spoke to me! 😇😧 There was this metallic-like fabric that I wanted to get a little crazy with and…



I did a red lining under her skirt. It came out great, and it matched the shirt perfectly. I am happy and the most important part was she was happy!

P.S. Later on my sister discovered that this skirt can be wore reversibly. I totally did not do that on purpose, but it’s something I learned! How great is it that some sewing projects make for something more creative.


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