I Just Can’t Give Up Now!

I have had many thoughts about giving up. Some things come naturally and other things are learned. No one comes out swinging as the best when they first start. The hardest part can be that the majority of my projects are from scratch. I have to be the designer and creator. I have been pushing myself to get out more and to be inspired. I stayed inside the house for years, and for it my creativity was stunted.

Sometimes becoming frustrated. I want to give up. I think, is this really for me? Is this really what I am suppose to do? Am I suppose to be doing something else?


Every time I question myself God shows up. I see a sign wondering if it’s coincidence or if it’s destined.

How crazy is it that my husband gets a hotel for us for a weekend to relax and take my mind off of stressful situations and this👇


is in the room. We had never stayed in this hotel or city before. Of all the lamps I have seen in hotels I have stayed in all of them were your standard lamp. I have every reason to believe that this is destined.


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