Basic Sewing- Body Measurements

Sewww…I am trying this new thing out where I talk in front of people. I have a feeling that where I am headed there will be a lot of speech-giving going on on my end. So I might as well get use to it and get to practicing!😬😂

*Insert southern accent here* Is here people in Louisiana come in all shapes and sizes. We embrace our bodies. Our bodies are a gift and a course. We love to eat…that will never stop. Our food is awesome! We can’t help it and we can make it from scratch!😩 So what do we do? We dress our bodies well. With that we need to know our measurements as some parts can be more full than others.

The easiest part of sewing is taking measurements. The video I have provided 👉 CLICK HERE!!! teaches you the basic measurements.


Of course for more detailed and complex patterns you will need more measurements. This video will set you on the right track.

This information is handy for seamstresses as well as for anyone that wants to get a closer and more exact fit when it comes to purchasing garments.



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