Regret is The worst pain. Could it be worst than death? Thoughts of what you could have done. Thoughts of what you should have done. All of this circling you mind over and over, and memories popping up from the past. Still…most of these things you have to move forward from. There is no closure. Could that hurt the worst? Of course it does! It’s a pain that runs deeper than any vain, and no matter how much you try to wash it off…it doesn’t go away. Who wants unfinished business?


Still…regret teaches us to make better and wiser decisions. It teaches us to fight for what we believe in. It teaches us to speak up when we feel it’s right. It teaches us when to stay and when to go. It teaches us to discern opportunities. It teaches us to not sweat the small stuff, and to become unruly when we need to. It teaches us to be better than what we have been through.

Regret nothing!


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