Sometimes we need to be released from things in order to find peace and happiness. We need to be released from the very things we think are good for us, or is the best opportunity. I have been told, “It’s and opportunity…right?” In a tone as if I was suppose to appreciate the “opportunity”. Every opportunity is not a good one and may not be designed for you. Not because you can’t do it or are incapable. The very fact maybe that you should be doing something else. We find our paths the hard way most of the time. We get so confused on our journey. We get desperate for success be it financially triggered or emotionally triggered. When things seem to be so chaotic and you just want to be at peace…some thing is about to happen, be it good or bad in your judgement. Regardless, it is designed to make you stronger and wiser. Listen to that voice that tells you right from wrong. You may find out that it was right!


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