Have Faith

Faith is such a subject that we get scared of. In order to have faith we must be fearless. Fear can be very strong that it hinders us from moving forward or trying something new. I am guilty of this too.

The beauty of the unknown is that we actually can do what we think we can’t. We actually can have a chance. People and things in very day life will try to stunt our imagination, creativity, hope, desire, and dreams. They will try to replace it with fear. Why…because if you are afraid…you can’t and you won’t.

How will you ever learn how to ride a bike if you never get on. You may get on and discover things you never imagined. If you get on the bike and fall off, you can always get back on, get skates, get a scooter, get a car, get a skate board, or better yet…walk.

There is ALWAYS a way no matter what anyone says. Hearing no can be actually putting you on your path for greatness. Rejection can be a great thing. When we have a purpose we must fulfill it. We cannot stunt our growth by getting on the wrong path that we thought was the right one.

Have faith and see where is goes!


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