Break Every Chain 06/17/2014

Sometimes people will do everything possible to try to give the illusion that you are a monster. I think it has a lot to do with their own imperfections, things they are lacking, or opportunities they haven’t taken. People will take the time to weigh you down if you let them. This does not apply to all people. One assumption cannot be applied to ALL people, or a group of people.

Everyone is different. Everyone’s drive, goals, and dreams are different. Everyone’s motivation is different. Everyone’s outlook on life is different. Everyone’s reason for doing, or not doing something is different. People are a very complex and mysterious species. They cannot be defined as one. I think  our differences make us unique and beautiful. At the same time, our differences can make us very ugly, and in some cases, one in the same. People fear change and difference the most. People are afraid of understanding, because understanding could mean that you are absolutely wrong. People are afraid of reality, because reality means that it may not be your way. We try to create a world that is safe (an illusion), instead of taking risks and exploring every option possible.

When someone sees you doing the opposite of societies expectations…your wrong. It is wrong for you to go outside of the box. It is not right for you to be out of uniform. It is wrong for you to think beyond the guidelines that are set. No one thing works for everyone. I sit and think of a million things, and not one of them is wanting to be heard…because its different. It will cause discomfort. People can become afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone. I was that person. Sometimes I am that person still. I have produced more good and great things by willing to be uncomfortable than I have being comfortable.

I have  the impression that fear is designed not only to hold us back, but to divide us.  It divides those that accept and make the most out of change from those that don’t. It divides the open-minded from the un-opened minds. Fear makes more of an impact than we think. It is more than an emotion. It is a Lifestyle. What do I mean by that? It is a killed dream. It is a opportunity that will never happen. It is unaccomplished goals. It is doubt. It is uncertainty. It is down-sizing one’s self. Its no self-esteem and no self-worth.

People walk away and run from the things they fear. To push pass our fears is to enter into our destiny. A lot of us are destined to be more than what we are, and where we are. Most are afraid of the pain and endurance you have to go through to get to the treasure. Some where along the way we gave up. Along the way we planted that same doubt into others. To hear someone talk about their goals, dreams, and how they will attain them makes us feel like we coulda, woulda, shoulda…so we hope they don’t. To satisfy the stillness and settling within us. When did we loose ourselves? Why did we loose ourselves? So many people in our life time will do us wrong. There are many times we will face setbacks. Why must we take that angry out on the one person we will have to live with forever…ourselves! Why do we push others to fall down the same broken path, instead of pushing them to not give up? Is it because we don’t want to see someone doing what we could have done? Self hatred?  Regret of loss? Where does the chain break? When will the chain break? When do we get up and stop playing victim to our circumstances and fight to get outside of and stay out of the box?




Regret is The worst pain. Could it be worst than death? Thoughts of what you could have done. Thoughts of what you should have done. All of this circling you mind over and over, and memories popping up from the past. Still…most of these things you have to move forward from. There is no closure. Could that hurt the worst? Of course it does! It’s a pain that runs deeper than any vain, and no matter how much you try to wash it off…it doesn’t go away. Who wants unfinished business?


Still…regret teaches us to make better and wiser decisions. It teaches us to fight for what we believe in. It teaches us to speak up when we feel it’s right. It teaches us when to stay and when to go. It teaches us to discern opportunities. It teaches us to not sweat the small stuff, and to become unruly when we need to. It teaches us to be better than what we have been through.

Regret nothing!


Sometimes we need to be released from things in order to find peace and happiness. We need to be released from the very things we think are good for us, or is the best opportunity. I have been told, “It’s and opportunity…right?” In a tone as if I was suppose to appreciate the “opportunity”. Every opportunity is not a good one and may not be designed for you. Not because you can’t do it or are incapable. The very fact maybe that you should be doing something else. We find our paths the hard way most of the time. We get so confused on our journey. We get desperate for success be it financially triggered or emotionally triggered. When things seem to be so chaotic and you just want to be at peace…some thing is about to happen, be it good or bad in your judgement. Regardless, it is designed to make you stronger and wiser. Listen to that voice that tells you right from wrong. You may find out that it was right!

Have Faith

Faith is such a subject that we get scared of. In order to have faith we must be fearless. Fear can be very strong that it hinders us from moving forward or trying something new. I am guilty of this too.

The beauty of the unknown is that we actually can do what we think we can’t. We actually can have a chance. People and things in very day life will try to stunt our imagination, creativity, hope, desire, and dreams. They will try to replace it with fear. Why…because if you are afraid…you can’t and you won’t.

How will you ever learn how to ride a bike if you never get on. You may get on and discover things you never imagined. If you get on the bike and fall off, you can always get back on, get skates, get a scooter, get a car, get a skate board, or better yet…walk.

There is ALWAYS a way no matter what anyone says. Hearing no can be actually putting you on your path for greatness. Rejection can be a great thing. When we have a purpose we must fulfill it. We cannot stunt our growth by getting on the wrong path that we thought was the right one.

Have faith and see where is goes!


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