Falling In Love



I have sew fallen in love with sewing. It is very therapeutic. I remember when I first started crafting. I was lost and in a dark place. I kept my mind on negative things and negative people. I wanted to be free so bad, but I just did not know how to do it on my own. I had stopped talking to God and I felt abandoned and not cared for. It seems that even when I lost God (in my mind and spirit), God never left me. I wanted to make more money and regain my peace. I wanted to be free more than ever. The people around me family, friends, co-workers, were all drowning me…so I let them. People can only do what you allow and I finally get that statement now more than ever. I started making business cards and flyers for others to start. Then I branched into designing flip flops and jewelry. I have always wanted to sew since I was little, but I never found the opportunity to learn the craft. Last December (2014) I asked my husband for a sewing machine, and it only went up from there. It has become an addiction. I practice daily, a couple of times a week, or weekly. I do not let the week go by and I have not done something pertaining to sewing. It has helped me to move forward and to learn who I am, and what I want again. It has helped me to gain confidence in what I do. I love this craft and I plan to keep it growing!

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