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I have sew fallen in love with sewing. It is very therapeutic. I remember when I first started crafting. I was lost and in a dark place. I kept my mind on negative things and negative people. I wanted to be free so bad, but I just did not know how to do it on my own. I had stopped talking to God and I felt abandoned and not cared for. It seems that even when I lost God (in my mind and spirit), God never left me. I wanted to make more money and regain my peace. I wanted to be free more than ever. The people around me family, friends, co-workers, were all drowning me…so I let them. People can only do what you allow and I finally get that statement now more than ever. I started making business cards and flyers for others to start. Then I branched into designing flip flops and jewelry. I have always wanted to sew since I was little, but I never found the opportunity to learn the craft. Last December (2014) I asked my husband for a sewing machine, and it only went up from there. It has become an addiction. I practice daily, a couple of times a week, or weekly. I do not let the week go by and I have not done something pertaining to sewing. It has helped me to move forward and to learn who I am, and what I want again. It has helped me to gain confidence in what I do. I love this craft and I plan to keep it growing!

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Passion vs. Paycheck

Everyone needs to generate at least one source or more of income in order to survive. It seems today that the majority have to work that “or more” in order to stay afloat. Having a job helps boost a persons self worth. It can change lives. SOME can live comfortably.

At what point do we not only work for money though? Most people work where they work because they had to find some thing to pay the bills. There is RARELY any passion behind it.  The drive is PRESSURE. Pressure invites stress, stress invites discomfort, discomfort invites misery. There is truly a difference being under stress and loving what you do, versus being under stress and tolerating what you do. One invites success and the other invites destruction of oneself. We all deserve to look beyond our paychecks and do things we love, especially if we work hard to do so.

In today’s time a lot people are more so getting hired because of who they know. A lot of people are keeping their jobs due to favoritism. There are great people out there getting the short end of the stick. Therefore you get high turnarounds and unqualified people in these positions. What happens next?

Due to lack of quality and productivity…businesses that we would have never guessed in a million years…are CLOSING and being bought out! There are more people getting jobs just to have something than those that are building jobs up and gaining fulfilling careers in return. Value. People rarely value things and try to devalue the very things that are valuable.

People are afraid to take risks. People are afraid to go after what they truly want. Most people can’t afford what they truly want or get the opportunity that leads to what they truly want. This does not pertain to the everyone or all people, but it is real and it affects us all in some way.

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